Why are all white containers locked?


Occationally I come across a white container, but they always seem to be unaccessible. Have any of you gained access to the inside of a white container?


They’re basically the same as any other container but white. Some loot and props to fill them out.


Thanks, but can you get inside them? Well, obvious you can. I’ve come across quite a few I can’t open.


I’ve seen a few that can be entered… Mostly they’re solitary. But the ones stacked on top of eachother are just props, I think. The ones in Överby Airfield should definitely have loot in them, IMO.


I suppose they are just props that occupy some space and give cover. Its useful in that when I now see a white container I don’t bother trying to open the doors - saves time as a gameplay thing I guess.


If you can’t enter them then there probably isn’t anything in them. There isn’t really any consistency on what can and can’t be opened. Case in point, there are some doors in houses and bunkers which can’t be interacted with.
Doors marked as “Locked” just need a certain mission or key to be unlocked


Yes, that is probably so. I have done all missions a while ago, but there is still a number of doors and containers that remains locked. Perhaps they have been saved for future missions.


Okay, I have to correct myself. Some white containers are not locked and contain the usually stuff. So my little theory that these containers holds military secrets to be revealed in chapter two does not fly :confused:


I have found white containers that you can only open the doors on one end, so check both ends.


Sometimes trucks have white containers on them. These can be opened.