Why are mods not allowed (Answer from Dev preferred)

Hey Mad, can you perhaps, re-word what you wanted to say here, because it’s puzzling to me.
I can guess of course. But I am just curious. :coffee:

:sweat_smile: sorry
It doesn’t matter anymore.
Just like zesiir said.

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It’s not answered, I still don’t see a developer or anyone like that answering the question at hand.

At least this should be sufficient:

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No, I do not think so.


While your comment reads as criticism for fallout 4 and it’s moding, one thing to also consider is that it has brought life to the game through creations of the community. Someone will always abuse the system, but there is an argument to how much it could, and very possibly would, bring to the game. In the case of Fallout 4, it has also led to some hiring opportunities for Bethesda. A mod could add life to the game, and even lead to someone being hired on as a designer, writer, or bug fixing.

In short, we’ve all been burned by moding in other games, but it’s always important to remember that there’s a good side or two to the situation.

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Well, while I can see where you are coming from, if I may, I’d like to show you a different point of view on a couple of points.

First, as Markncheese said, usually the way things work in a moding community is that when an update comes out, the community updates it’s mods or the older and out dated content is shifted out or replaced. While developers might give some thought to how an update might effect a moding community, I can’t see why this would be a priority unless it was intended to be actively prevented, which is their choice.

Second, the reason that a developer might prefer to avoid mods would be to avoid complaints from people who use them, but don’t keep them updated, maintained or use them to flat out abuse other players. Basically while it might look like a bad thing from one angle, having mods as part of your game, especially in multiplayer games, can lead to a community suddenly having a negative experience and killing a game.

Basically it all boils down to this, lets all enjoy this awesome game for what it is and what it has made. It’s a game that inspires people to help each other, allows trade to occur between players so you can get the resources you need if you’re not able to get what you need, and the community has been pretty awesome. All in all, with all the toxicity in gaming these days, we all need to appreciate the games like this that try to help build a positive community.

The TLDR: Take a deep breath, count to 10, grab your G/46 and go blow up a few ticks. It’s like popping bubble wrap that’s trying to stab you in the face, you’ll feel fantastic


Was just about writing that - it simply creates asyncs at best and outright conflicts that can lead to serious issues - a friend reported even his whole safegame got corrupted and lost due to some heavy modder joining his session xP (with him being vanilla)

It’s sad there is no official Mod support and measures to prevent such desastrous issues like in many other coop games nowadays - Deep Rock Galactic is a very good example, wich even differentiates in different Mod categories, but such categorization needs a review process ofc, i don’t think the way DRG did it is future proof, but it’s a nice starting point to get inspired from! :wink:

And in case the reader mods, remember, be ethical, don’t ruin others gameplay with it! - you can mod all you want in SP, but be very mind&carefull with using Mods with MP modes of games, even if it’s coop! (or simply don’t mod in MP unless only playing with friends having the same mods installed! :wink: