Why are Undiscovered Safe Houses being displayed on Map?

I read that the new patch allows you to pick up pictures that provide clues as to where the next safe house is located. IN actuality, it literally causes them to appear on the map. Why is this? Half teh fun is discovering these places. Now Im told right where they are? Is this how it is supposed to work

simple for new players not to struggle massively. to travel. buts its not really helping alot its like a 3 step program.
step 1 search the buildings.
step 2 find a picture.
step 3 find the safehouse.

but the step program can sometimes make you ignore the step 2. because its not forcing you to do the step 2 we know that we need to discover everything without hints. but hints are intresting it allows to find stuff easier.

why complaining in first place? people could just find safehouses by using youtube.

I wondered about that too.
Someone said, it could be a great help for those who frequently lose safehouses, and I agree with that, if the icons still persist after losing a safehouse.

But for new players I agree that it’s too much service in my eyes, because it reduces the players own efforts of exploring the world.

it didn’t bother me so much…more that i have all safehouses but missed two pictures & i don’t know which one … can somebody tell me, what pic’s are #38 and #69 (when u start with 1 in the left upper corner and count from left to right and up and down)??

As the pictures show the safehouse you found, you could just compare which safehouses you have to which pictures you have…
Make a list of your safehouses and check them while watching the photos.

I am not sure and cant check right now.
But aren’t there coordinates written under the picture for the next location? If I am right #37 is with coords for safehouse #38 and #68 with coords for safehouse 69. May you want to check that out.

On my list 38 is a camp (best to check out the camp safehouses in Farmlands)

and 69 is muskudden port complex

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@Gysbert : Thanks :smiley:

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I really like the new collectables :grinning:, but for players who want to explore, and do not have hints, it’s not necessary to pick them up. You can just go and explore and then complete your collectables collection. :+1: I just found two hidden safe houses in the South Coast Region :sunglasses:

Ok so this is now the way it is. I think this is a mistake. A significantly rewarding aspect of the game is exploration and the fun of discovering. I can think of many times we have been desparately trying to find a safehouse and teh excitement when you first notice that “house” icon on your compass that tells you are near one. And you find some of them in these out of the way places. Now its more or less having an easter egg hunt where they tell you in advance of where the eggs are.

Sure, I can refrain from picking up the photos whose “look!” icons keep floating on the screen, just as I can refuse to use the Experimental PVG-90 because it makes the game too easy. There are ways I can limit my choices to enjoy this game. And it is an outstanding game. But I think it would be a stronger game if some of these added features worked in a balanced way . But so be it.

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