Why Buy weapons packs?

I have recently seen via Twitter that there are no plans to introduce 6c dlc weapons at this time, so why buy the dlc weapons packs? Whats the selling point?
It seems that once you start farming rivals after you are level 25, you will have a chance of getting experimental weapons, which are pretty effective against enemies in base attack and defence missions, so some or most players MAY be inclined to use those weapons over basic dlc weapons that will not offer them an experimental variant, I could be completely wrong in this, but i’m not seeing the selling point of the pack (which I bought hoping there would be a 6c variant)

Did you buy weapons packs hoping for an experimental variant in the future or was it just me?
Is experimental dlc weapons something that the devs would consider, will it ever be on the horizon?

I just buy them cause there fun too use.


I doubt experimental DLC weapons will come any time soon. I believe the logic behind this is to keep the most powerful weapons as part of the base game. That way, players won’t be able to buy themselves a faster way to the best loadouts, but have to earn them like everyone else.

However, there’s particularly one thing I dislike about the DLC guns, which is the simple fact that many of them are weaker than the base game guns. (Example: N16 is weaker than AG5, and N60 is weaker than KVM 59.) But then again, DLC weapons have higher drop rates than base game weapons. Here again, I believe the logic is that DLC weaponry is earned easiest, but investing time to earn base game weapons is most rewarding in the end. :blush:

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just a small correction, the N60 is not weaker than the KVM 59,its one of the most deadly weapons ingame, they are at the same level, at least the 5C version is.
Every other dlc weapon has been weaker than others, that we can agree (dont know about the last dlc yet)


I just think they’re neat.

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The bow has flare arrows, the flamethrower is great against the ticks, the animation of the N9 is great…

But in the end for me the reason was to have a bit more variety.

I just really dislike the way the dlc weapons are provided… 3c versions of all of them direvtly to the plundra. I wanted to find them, not to get them…and the 5c versions are literally thrown after you. At least until the latest pack.


I bought some to support development, because the free content is mostly awesome. Especially the RU machines were absolutely great, and making a complex model/animation and adding a damage model is no easy feat. I find a lot of the DLC weapons underwhelming (flamethrower was such a disappointment, low range, damage) with a few exceptions, of course. I really hope they give weapons a general balancing pass at some point, the numbers are just weird at this point, it would also encourage people to buy some older weapon DLCs. There might be no experimentals in them but some weapons do fill a niche, like the skorpion in the latest one.


Fair enough, as good a reason as any.

N60 is weaker than KVM 59 in terms of DPS. The N60’s fire rate is noticeably slower than the KVM’s. :blush: And the new PM-71 actually has a higher fire rate than the KVM even, which makes it a really good LMG. :+1:


Yeah I see the point in supporting the game, and yes the free content is great, I play on console and PC so buy everything twice, seems a bit excessive but I do really like the game, and I can play with friends on either platform, on my console version I have one character that is all exp weapons only, but on PC i use mostly the American weapons pack weapons, (dont have all the dlc on pc yet) and dont plan on buying anymore at this point, unless they go on sale, but I would love to see an experimental N16 and N60, regardless of whether or not they are stronger or weaker than base game weapons.

Actually you missed the point and at the same time you did not :sweat_smile:, N60 is not weaker, but its fire rate is slower, so that makes it look like it has less damage, the damage is the same, but the KVM is faster so targets get destroyed a few seconds faster than in comparison with the N60.
I still dont have the PM-71 cant comment, but seems to be good :+1:

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Yeah, some of the DLC stuff is great experimental material.

Yeah, well it seems like the damage pr. shot is roughly equal on all 7.62 weapons, except for the Vintovka (Mosin), which has much higher damage. As it should.

One thing to note is that the “damage bar” on the PM-71 appears to be wrong. It shows very high damage. Almost as high as the Vintovka and Meusser, but in reality it’s damage is of course like the other LMG’s.

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I like my weapons as realistic as possible and don’t use any awful experimental weapons. So for me a weapons pack adds more variation to the game. Even though I prefer the original weapons like K-pist and AG.

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Honestly, I don’t really like that they’re paid DLC to start with.
The base game has so few weapons, it feels like these dlc weapons should just have been added in as free content to fill out the weapon roster.

Paying money and getting an inventory full of guns and free ammo kinda felt like cheating, but having them be findable in the world means that I’m not finding the same handgun, shotgun and hunting rifle every time i roll a weapon drop, which is appreciated.

If I hadn’t bought the game and DLC seriously discounted on christmas sale, i’d be pretty update at this kind of nickel-and-diming.

Edit: As for the argument about ‘supporting the game’, I supported it by buying it.
It feels like an early-access game, given that story-content was apparently just added and how limited the gear selection is in game.

Honestly I don’t really mind that. I’ve bought early-access before.
The combination of the early-access feel and paid DLC though? No, that’s not really acceptable.

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I bought them mainly to have fun.
the Skorpion is great as a medical slot item, the AT-WAD is my favorite AR to use against rivals, the bow is a fun weapon to play around with, the vintovka is best in caliber for damage (and also a fun sniper), the Kotenok is a meme, the PM-71 is a great MG to use, and the Volkov is a great option for ticks.
Oh, and a 3c RLG-7 hits tanks a bit harder to the face than a 4c M/49 from my experience.
(well, also the EA.EU.W.P. I got partly because the best pistol I had seen until then was a 1c Klauke)

Agree - the weapons from the Soviet and EE weapons packs are (mostly) just fun to use.

  • The RLG-7 and PM-71 are the best 5* grenade launcher and machinegun available.
  • The Voza and Volkov are great sidearms (and ammo is abundant!)
  • The Vintovka is just a really cool (and rare) rifle, with great design, animations etc.
  • The AT-WAD is fun, but I actually prefer the Skorpion (Voza)
  • Unfortunately, the Kotenok is a huge disappointment. :-1:

I would recommend these packs - and just ignore the Kotenok, as it’s really useless (I would maybe use it if it had dealt 90% damage of the Vintovka - and that’s still a maybe).

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