Why can I not find these two weapons?

I have found all the experimental weapons and all the 5 crown weapons except two.

I have not found the 5 crown Automatgevär 4 and 5.

I keep killing rivals and keep getting more experimentals that I have already found.
How can I find those two 5-crown weapons?

The are spawned randomly, so we can’t say where to look. My advice is to stop looking for them and just play the game, and eventually you will find them. Or try trading with someone.

AG4 Potentially drops from:

  • FNIX tanks
  • Apocalypse tanks

AG5 Potentially drops from:

  • FNIX Tanks
  • FNIX Harvesters

I finished the game in skirmish.
Then, I started playing it at the next difficulty, guerrilla.
I love that I can use all the weapons from the first game now.

I know that I cannot augment the experimental weapons.
And I love to try the unstoppable augmentation with a vision module that can see through walls.
But, I would like to augment a 5-crown weapon. I only have the 4-crown automatic riffles.
So, it is kind of a pain.
If I use the resources to augment the 4-crown and later find a 5-crown, I don’t think I can transfer the augmentation.

Thanks for those tips.
Let me create rivals until one of those shows up.

Rivals? Not sure if they will drop the 5 crown.
Experimental ag4 is potentially dropped by rivals.

I see what you mean.
So, I need to find regular (not rival) FNIX Tanks and FNIX Harvesters.


Shooter, if you have the time each day, each week, you might also try your luck with the FMtel Assignments. If you make it to the top tier reward package, that should include two random base game Gold/5C weapons, two random Gold/5C weapon attachments, in addition to other random stuff. Might get lucky and get the automatic rifles that way.

First tier reward package (Tick) takes only six points, one day’s worth normally, and might include Blue/3C weapons and attachments, 2x each. Sometimes the weapons and/or attachments aren’t awarded. Second tier package (Hunter) takes I think 18 points, three day’s worth normally, and might include Purple/4C weapons and attachments, again 2x each. Again, sometimes the weapons and/or attachments aren’t awarded. Top tier (Tank) takes 36 points, six day’s worth normally, and should ALWAYS award the Gold/5C weapons and attachments.

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Hunt in areas that are known to have harvesters in them. Military and up classes. Hunt them even if they turn into a level 1 rival. Because I like to keep my region levels at 21+, I take the time to milk the harvesters of their machine drops before destroying them. Try to hunt in areas that have military and fnix class and then the FNIX/APOC classes. Hunt areas that the map has reset loot boxes.


I keep killing Fnix tanks and harvesters and they keep dropping 4 crown Automatgevär 4.

GZ is science :thinking: But very interesting. I learn a lot on the forum.

Not always up to áll info, but it definately creates a more complete representation of the game.

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Forums and Reddits and such are good like that. @ Asphodelus. Treasure troves of information.

If they’re any good at all, anyway. Some communities aren’t so helpful or good…

Shooter, yeah, Harvesters are currently bugged for a lot of people. ANY Harvester, ANY rank, ANY class, will pretty much ALWAYS drop the Purple/4C AG4…

Some of us used to call this “the Curse”… Now that any unwanted weapons can be broken down for weapon parts, a valuable resources if one ever wishes to make use of the augmentation feature, some of us have instead taken to calling it “the Blessing.”

The Harvesters all dropping the Purple/4C AG4 doesn’t get in the way of them dropping different weapons—like the Kotenok, or whatever other weapons are in their drop list—but it MIGHT get in the way of them dropping any other rank/tier of AG4. So, if the AG4 is supposed to be in their drop list at ALL, the Purple/4C might kill any chance at 1C~3C or 5C~6C.

I say “might” because I don’t remember whatever what other normal AG4s Harvesters might be able to drop, and I don’t go after Rival Harvesters often enough to see if they can drop the 6C AG4. If The AG4 isn’t supposed to be in their drop list AT ALL, that would make the Purple/4C showing up like it is an even bigger problem…

As an aside, I’ve got another weapon I’ve been looking for, for a long while, which doesn’t seem to drop at all. The Green/2C S21, on the weapons from the US Weapon pack DLCs. I want a Green/2C to compare to the others, make a video, to make a complete bug report on. As far as I can tell, the Green/2C S21 is supposed to drop from Prototype Tanks, but I’ve never had one drop.

The bug with the S21 is that there currently is a problem with the stat cards for the Purple/4C and Gold/5C showing the wrong stats. Their stat cards seem to be swapped, or at least certain values on the stat cards… The weapons themselves do seem to have the correct stat progression, trending upward, (Gold stronger and more accurate than Purple, Blue weaker and less accurate than Purple), so it seems like only the stat cards are wrong.

The Kotenok and several other weapons have had the same problem, before, but they all seem to have been fixed—but the S21’s stat card issue continues to exist… Low priority, perhaps, but every bug needs to be on the RADAR and eventually get fixed, and another report with a good video and explanation couldn’t hurt I think.

If anybody on XBox has a Green/2C S21 they would be willing to hand over to me, I’d be more than willing to hand over just about anything else in-game in exchange. Experimental weapons, Gold/5C weapons, most attachments I’ve got extras of as well. Just about anything. Most resources, normal ammunition types… Help with missions, etc, I could also provide. More reasonable exchanges preferred, not “I just started, I want everything!” but “I’ve been playing for so long, been looking for this or that forever…” would be better, but confirmation is difficult, so any takers would be on the old “honor system”…

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I cannot believe I finally got it.

Thanks everyone


Now you can mod it a few times.

What did you do differently that worked?

After I found out that FNIX would drop them, thanks to Gysbert, I kept going to where they would show up.
They kept dropping the 4-crown Automatgevär 4.
Eventually, one of them dropped the 5crown Automatgevär 5. I don’t think I did anything differently.
Knowing that I was not doing anything wrong, thanks to the posts in this thread, I kept persisting until I got one.

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I’m also still looking for it - killed so many rivals…


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Checked yesterday: no tanks to be found on my map, so I hope they will show themselves one day :nerd_face:

I went to 1 and 2 shown in the attached image to find FNIX harvesters and tanks.

Of course after you kill them all, if you go back, there will be none. You will need to play and wait.

At 1, you can see them in this area. See my pointer.

You can also see one here after going out the back and through the gate near the gas station:

But, there could also be some further west.

At 2 (airport strip), there is usually 1 standing here:

For Apocalypse, you need to go to Himfjall island. But, I think that is only available in a DLC. And those are much harder to beat.