WHY can’t robot get inside buildings?

Kinda kills the tension when you realise the Robots can get in buildings.

Be great if they could. Smash down doors, smash through windows etc

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Play on the Xbox - they have no trouble just walking through the walls.

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I’m on pc. Just stood inside a house and they walked right through the walls. Now they clatter LOUDLY because their heads are stuck in doors or walls and nothing, not blowing them up or trying to open and close the doors frees their frames. So their noise attracts more robots, and I don’t even have to leave the stair case.


Robots can and do get inside buildings. The main issue is that their pathfinding doesn’t lead them to do it often or well.

Clipping is also a big issue. their charge attacks can get you through walls, and the hunters can stick their heads in but not their bodies, allowing you to kill them with ease.

I hope they fix this. Would be great if they chase into houses…

They can get inside. The dogs will often chase you inside a building. I’ve had this happen several times. The main problem is their size, the bigger ones don’t fit through doors, so it makes sense that buildings would be a bit safer against some of those enemies. But the little ones will and do chase you inside.

I have had ticks in house and a tank (Big one 2 legs) gas us out of house,

Yep, the big ones will shell the house and put gas on it to drive players out. Houses are NOT completely safe. They can also shoot out windows and shoot inside at the player.