Why did game keep crashing today?

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I played all day Monday with no problems. Today game just stays at the black loading screen and never loads until i did a hard reset. Had to do this 3 times in last week. Today the game keeps freezing and crashing randomly. Done it 4 times in two hours. Very frustrating!

Steps To Reproduce:

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**Players in your game:**just me

Specifications: Xbox One S

It crashes out of nowhere on PS4/PS5 as well, forcing the game to close. It is indeed very frustrating, this needs to be the devs top priority

As not everyone has the same issues you should provide more informations about your setup and the situations when it happened to help the devs to sort out the possible reasons.

I just had a single crash on PS4 while doing tests about the render distances recently. On PS5 it didn’t crash in months now.

It crashes often again on the XBox. We had a good run, before this last update we got, but now it’s shades of the “bad old days” again…

Strangely enough, it tends to crash during what seem to be the least intense moments. Sitting in the main menu, not even loaded into the game yet…sitting in a safehouse…playing one of the inventory management minigames, crafting, recycling, dealing with storage…

Some ugly crashes during base assaults make more sense, intense moments, but still some strange ones, considering the previous update did have things running well for the most part—then comes this last one…

My games crash on Xbox One S every day