Why do Generation Zero's Sniper Rifles have such a small Caliber?

I mean, besides the Pansarvarnsgevar 90, the other 2 Sniper rifles in the game are pretty small and weak, at least as far as Sniper rifles go. The first is a .243 Sniper, the second is a .270, and as expected for such a small caliber (Even the machine guns have more powerful bullets, the game itself admits this) the damage is abysmal, making them unattractive for anyone as a primary. Shouldn’t Sniper rifles generally be some of the more powerful firearms given that they’re supposed to destroy from long ranges?

And speaking of which, even the .50 Caliber Pansarvarnsgevar 90 seems underpowered for its caliber too. I’m not expecting it to one shot massive machines like the Tanks, but it’s a little ridiculous to see a .50 Caliber round simply bounce harmlessly off a Tick when it hits the tick’s armour. It’s a .50 caliber, realistically it should oneshot anything that isn’t a Harvester or Tank and blow any machine smaller than a hunter cleanly in half!

Well the other 2 are only hunting rifles.
And the DLC sniper rifle is weaker than an hunting rifle, unlike other video games and real life, the sniper rifle is actually useless and does not behave as a sniper rifle does.


Gameplay balance?
This isn’t some hard-core FPS like Tarkov where everything has to be super realistic and exactly like IRL
Besides experimental 50 Cal already nukes everything you aim it at

The PVG 90 does go through the largest of machines. I have seen it take out two hunters in one shot and the round still goes through the second one. Best viewed in the dark. But use a explosive round and you can see the red blinking light flashing on what ever is behind it, and that goes for the reaper too. But to cause the most damage you need to use the correct round.

Proto type harvesters can be dropped in less than 10 rounds, military harvesters take almost all 18 rounds, FNIX harvesters take around 20 to 25 rounds and the APOC need two full mags and that is if you don’t take time to land good hits… So, what are you aiming at? Can’t say ticks take more than a single hit with the PVG90, unless I missed. But for charging ticks I use a pistol.

Even the smaller hunting rifles are very deadly in the hands of a sniper. Picking off runners one by one, hitting gas cans to set off chain reaction explosions can be done with the smaller caliper rifles. You can also slowly take down a tank with the right aim.

Sorry, I don’t share your appraisal of the “sniper rifles”.

I love the 270 for taking out runners. It’s an awesome weapon for that. The best in game in my opinion for that kind of sniping. The only drawback is the small mag.

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Do you have to aim at a specific spot? Most of the time my PVG 90 rounds simply bounce off Runners and their armour just falls off, and then I get blasted to oblivion by .32 ACP gunfire

If I am using my PVG 90 then it will be at a distance that it is most useful, other wise I will use my AG4. PVG90 with AP rounds: I aim for the shoulder of a runner if it is a side shot. Being just below the fuel cell the impact of the round will exploded the fuel cell and the runner drops, even a near miss will take it down unless I hit the leg, unlikely.

Frontal shot will be aiming at the head. A near miss will still go through the armor on runners that have it, APOC runners may cause the armor plate to fall off and require a second hit. Clean head shot will cause the runner to drop.

A rear shot will be aiming for the back side, even near miss will make the runner go boom.

If you run into a pack of runners, or even a group of hunters, get close enough to them to use a hand grenade . Even if it doesn’t take them all out it will damage them making it easier to pick them off.

If you are trying to pick one off at a time watch their pattern first, then look for a time to hit, if possible take shots from peeking out of cover and then hide, don’t wait to see if you destroyed it. Your HUD will let you know, and the grunt they make, will let you know your are detected. Once detected KEEP moving. They can not run and shoot, you can.

There’s no “strictly” designated sniper rifles in the game. Only two hunting and one animateriel rifles, all are good enough for sharpshooting.
First small detail is that your run-of-the-mill “sniper rifle” guns are all tuned to be effective against soft target, not anti-materiel. Even then, both bolt-action rifles are civilian hunting rifles for small and medium game. Of course they would be ineffective against machines, though they do one-shot “small iron game” up to runners. Against bigger machines, you should shoot where it hurts most - guns and intestines that go blue sparks. 5* Algstudsare with SP ammo can fell down a prot hunter within one mag (guerilla solo, 2 to machinegun, 2 for “vents” if you manage to directly hit those hitboxes; military and FNIX needed on average 2-3 mags).
.50 BMG has better raw damage, but SP ammo multiplier to “components” mitigate this advantage and it makes it ain’t that great in comparison, but experimental (6*) Barrett does greatly multiplied damage by virtue of piercing whole machine through, regardless of type and series - it counted as multiple hit if more than one hitbox is on the bullet’s travel trajectory.

Pros of these rifles lies not in dishing out a lot of damage (as we used to think about “bolt-action sniper rifles”), but in potential damage per weight, meaning “a lot of damage for these measly one kg worth of ammo”. Among other pros these three has quite a flat travel curve and very high velocity.
As with stated examples, on one hunter I could spend ~40 to ~100- g worth of ammo weight. If I’d go with automatic guns - it’ll certainly be over way 200g per enemy unit on average.
I admit that automatic guns win over “sniper rifles” in most cases but that’s usually “spray’n’pray” tactic that wastes ammo reserves in your pockets or in almost melee range.

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