Why Do Latest Posts Keep Getting Merged And Closed?

I think the title says it all, why the hell do you keep merging and closing posts? There is no need and if a person has something to say then let them post instead of playing god and saying “No” " i dont like this so I will merge it" It happens way too much by the tin gods.

Quick answer: Because there is already a topic regarding whatever the new thread was about it. So instead of cluttering the forum with literally the same thing, over and over and making it just a extreme hassle to navigate/look for information. They then get merged into an already existing post regarding that topic to keep it all in one place for ease of use.

Now, topic closure can also be caused by the OP breaking the rules, though this would usually result in the thread itself getting nuked if it has just started.


As said, it makes everything easier to find and follow, and prevents 40 threads on almost the exact same thing.

Posts are not merged because the mods do like them. That makes no sense in the first place. If a mod did not like it, why make it easier to find?

The latest topics were closed because the issue/question the OP had, was answered or solved. There is now no need to have the thread.


The same goes with topics created specifically for questions. Once they have been answered, the purpose of the topic has been fulfilled, and it gets locked to prevent it being cluttered with posts.


Okey, thanks to all for the answers, an explanation is always helpful.
Thanks again

This is stated as is it true, however it might not necessarily be true.

I for one find the old topics that contains over 100 posts very cumbersome to scroll through.

To renew posts with a “fresh” start on a topic is a good idea sometimes.

For instance posts regarding machine behavior last year is outdated today since they did rework since the dreaded April patch from '20 (or was it '19?)

Hence the post regarding machine behavior contains hundreds of outdated and totally irrelevant posts since the behavior has been changed.

There are several posts on this forum which keeps getting merged into and merged into, but does it really make the forum better?

Not always in my eyes and I think some threads on this forum could serve a good example of when to stop and start a new.

Also I keep wondering why the admins don’t have regular users to post with when they post content?
Some admins here are very stern with their views (even when they’re wrong), and since you are not allowed, according to the forum code of conduct, to actually address admin behavior on the forum, this puts normal users in awkward positions when having a discussion with admins about general topics.

Back in the old days Admins users always had a regular user with which the interacted with the forum, and only used their admin users to do just that: Administer the forum.

I think this was a very good solution and is still used widely world wide.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes. Not only for the sake of keeping the same topics in one place, but also for moderation purposes. It is much easier for us mods to keep track of posts this way, without the same requests cluttering the boards.

Users can also be directed to discussion threads that already exist about a specific topic to keep said discussions in a single location. As a normal user, I suppose it’s understandable if it seems like the many merged posts seems out of place sometimes.

But being a moderator, keeping some semblance of order on the forum boards (for example by merging posts and topics) has to be maintained for us to be able to work to max efficiency. There is no way around that, other than outright locking and archiving posts, which should always be the last option.

We’re not Admins, we are moderators. We are regular forum users as well. We’re also fans of the game, and will also use these forums to post and discuss with the rest of the community. Of course, we have a bigger responsibility and our actions reflect on the rest of the community as a whole, so if you do feel that a moderator has acted unseemly, contact support.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, personally. Here, some moderators may be more or less active, but there is nothing to dictate them from keeping purely a technical role. We’re here on our free time, and keep the forums in order when we can.

Hopefully this put those 2 cents to good use :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, this thread’s main topic has been answered and I’ve delved a bit into how the moderating works, and I feel it’s time to lock it up.

As a last reminder I strongly urge all users to keep the Code of Conduct in mind when you post.

I know I do.