Why forcing downgraded graphics for every platform?

It seem new bugs are always appearing…

@Zesiir could you ping someone from the team when you can about this issue?
(probable on monday)

Thank you

Sure thing, I’ll poke someone about it :+1:

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They downgraded the graphics on console too. It was never struggling, the game was never that demanding. The devs just aren’t very good.

First, its a necro. Second, consoles are different to PC. (Hardware specs, etc.) Im playing on Xbox Series X and PC. Graphic is the same on both. (Okay framerates are a bit higher on PC. Greetings from a RTX4090)

Necro it is, to add some input from a user on a plain old XB1.

If I’m not mistaken, which is possible, the update way back in April was indeed supposed to be to improve stability/performance, to reduce crashes. It may, in some cases, have worked…but not without horrible consequences.

Seems like what they did was reduce render/spawn distances. By how much seems to vary by console, generation.

I was in a club on XBL for about all my play time until just the other day, a little over a year total, so from before ‘this bad update’ all the way through it… Several other club members and I tested things, compared notes, and came to the conclusion that the plain old XB1, the XB1X, and the XB Series X all see out to different ranges. For me on the plain old XB1, pre-update render/spawn range for enemies under normal circumstances was up to about 470~480m. After the update, that dropped by about HALF—to around 225~240m. Give or take a few more meters. The club owner on his XB1X claimed greater distances, and another guy (and then the owner, too, after upgrading) on a Series X claimed even greater distances—but all were shorter than the pre-update 480-or-so.

Getting back to what the devs seemed to have done, the other guys in the club and I could only figure that they had decided that reducing render/spawn range would be good for performance. Shorter ‘active’ radius around the player, fewer assets loaded, fewer machines ‘live’ at any given moment, less stuff for the console to deal with.

But, like I said, it came with bad consequences. For one, shorter distance to the enemies means “SURPRISE!” And, when not caught by surprise, it also meant shorter maximum engagement range…no more ‘long range’ sniping, no more max range .50 cal mayhem.

For another, and I think this is worse, the reduced render/spawn range doesn’t JUST impact machines. It includes scenery objects as well. And while the machines might have drastically shorter spawn distances, scenery objects can have an EVEN SHORTER spawn distance. Like, say, objects blinking into and out of existence AT ZERO RANGE. Like the roof of the control tower building at Overby airbase becoming non-physical and dropping players down and trapping them inside the building, or the boxes and such outside Vesslan’s garage entrance, or the companion stations all over the map, or so many other objects. Like a bunch of objects have bad render/spawn range data, or bad conditions set, or something. Cars load or unload at odd ranges, strings of power lines and posts, the ski slope fences over on Himfjall, all kinds of objects, all over the map. Not EVERY object, EVERYWHERE, but it is an incredibly widespread general issue.

Greatly decreased graphics quality, or rather ‘low level of detail models’ switching on at ridiculously short ranges, is just another bad side effect of that very same update.

That is one update I seriously wish the devs had rolled back. If it’s bad, you don’t stick with it. You fall back on the previous build, and try to figure out what went wrong with the update. But, what do I know? I’m no developer, no programmer, no coder, no nothing—just a loud-mouthed nobody with a strong opinion.