Why forcing downgraded graphics for every platform?

Today I went to the Skåleklippans Jaktläger safehouse and, as usual there, I took a look at Östervik below… I was shocked!

Where are all of the buildings?

This is how it used to look:

I understand, that consoles are struggling with this game, but why are we all forced to use the downgraded console graphic settings?


I´m more of a console player, but if that is not a glitch i have to agree with you.
That is why many PC games have hardware settings where we can adjust the graphics settings depending from our own PC hardware.
Do those not exist on GZ PC version? (sorry for stupid question).

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Graphics settings do indeed exist, but i can also confirm its become more towards console style of graphics as of Base Assault update. Some things dont even render until im about 20-50m away from them on lowest when this was not the case for me on Tuesday.


I dont own the GZ PC version.
But i do remember that at least 1 year ago the max “visual” distance one could see through optics was farther on the PC version than on consoles, that was a fact.
Experimentation is needed by the PC users to compare the current version and to obtain some answers.
Is it to improve game stability?
PC users (or next gen console users) should still have the ability to change graphics settings related to those and other graphical and visual parameters.

If it was for game stability reasons, its not a good attempt at it. My game appears to have become more stuttery than normal, even making me think its crashed several times in 20 minutes of playing. I might be able to help with testing but rn, im really not in the mood due to this update.

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Well, GZ has always brought hardware and software issues with many of the updates.
Its been that way since the beginning, Im installing the latest update on the PS4 and each time an update appears, I copy my game save data to an USB flash drive and hope for the best :confused: .

oh crap, should i not bother downloading the update and playing lol? Havent played for a while

Wait till tomorrow for your local 5.pm time, to see how many people have isues or not.
That is my advice for any GZ update :sweat_smile: .

PS: Till now i have not read anything about gamebreaking issues.

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Yeah the downgrade of the graphics is kind of a d*ck move by the devs, I get that they want to jump on the console-wagon but the game started looking potato thanks to it.

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Well, in the last months I would have said, that graphics got improved (at least on Playstation).

Textures of many objects improved, lighting and shadows, explosions, gas, smoke and flames got improvements. Maybe the drawdistance changed in a negative way, but I’m not sure.

I really would appreciate a dev’s confirmation about what happens/happened in the background.

Last time I played I got the warning of machines nearby. Suddenly a tank appears 50m in front of me and I’m in a fight. I try to put some distance to it so I can get a better position. After a few meters it vanishes but it can still shoot at me. Had some buildings also appear the same way.

I’m on Ps4

There are enormous problems with object streaming since the update, yeah. There are points on the map where enemies pop in and out 10 m before you! I got this from a session yesterday, a tank and some other mobs in front of me disappeared just 20 m ahead of me when going one step back.


When I think about it. It has probably only happened for me in the forest region.

Since this downgrade I have also encountered lots of moments when ammo/tool-boxes, rugsacks and suitcases not spawn like intendend. This is especially a problem on Björnturnet hotel where you enter a room and no rugsacks or suitcases can be seen on the way in but when turning around in the end of the rooom to go out the items are suddenly there.

This is not exclusive to the hotel but a place where this “feature” is more of a rule than a rare event.

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Yes, same thing happened to us recently. A nice hiking ended when we suddenly, on the forest road, met 2 rival tanks like 3 meters from us which started to shoot and stomp immediately.

Used batch of adrenaline before we got away from their attacking radius to (a bit safer) spot.

With all respect to console players, I don’t understand why the immersion must be damaged by poor optimization which is not able to distinguish between high-end (PC) and low-end (console) hardware.

I mean, the HW auto-detection and graphics settings based on that, is something we know from 10+ years old games.

I remember, that in the early days, the GPU went sky-high, but the graphics was beautiful and you could see enemies/items with binoculars, not just rendering few meter away from the player.

I’d bet that this issue has nothing to do with the used system.

It must be related to changes in the forest region like the control points or even something unfinished by the devs…

Or did you experience this in other regions, too?

I’ve not noticed down grade yet, I don’t know maybe I need to play a bit more have tried to avoid bugs, however today a new character has lost me all my challenges this bug is really annoying, I think PS5 plays a lot better than PS4 version for obvious reasons, however I didn’t notice how much it’s in need of some attention until I played on series X!
I have no console axe to grind it’s just I use both and there’s no reason the PS5 version can’t be just as good! Anyhow hope these dam bugs get sorted it’s not really making you want to spend more game time to loose things again !

I saw some late rendering of enemy tanks/harvesters in south Farmlands too, but they were quite far and did not see us immediately.

In the Forest though - it was a nasty surprise :smiley:

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This is strange because if I am correct the console render distance is 400 meters and I have never experienced this

On Ps4 In the forest region it’s sometimes as little as 0m. I’ve had the reaper be visible first when I:m standing under it.