Base Assault Update - Patch Notes


Hi. It seems that I’m not able to select the heart (favorites) icon at the map filtering options next to the icon of for example “safehouses”.
Solved: triangle

Additionally when showing everything and zooming out the map is completly overloaded (although there are still about 50 safehouses missing because they disappeared). Before the update icons on the map faded out when going to a more distant view.

Playing on PS5.


The filtering option is missing for the recycling station and the consumeable-crafting station.

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How do you know that? :smiley: If the door won’t open, maybe blow it open?


Thanks for reporting!

I will try that next time! I didn’t think the walls etc. were able to be damaged like that.

Just to make sure this will not escape the dev team attention:


Thanks for sharing, sent to the team!


Very nice that you aknowlege this problem. As far as I observed it is not only the command to reload but also the command to switch weapons thats getting ignored.


It’s the same with switching weapons mode (single shot, burst, full auto) and ammo type (which is like reloading).


I’ve noticed that the Soviet machines have an “eye” now that lights up like their Swedish counterparts depending on their current status. Very nice, should help with visibility at night.


Oh yes. I noticed that, too. That’s so great! Not just that you now can see them better, they even look way more threatening!

But the problem of facing a machinegun lynx which shoots you from 100 to almost or even 0 within just a second still exists.


I love this update! The Soviet Base Parts are sooo cool. They actually make my base feel like a military installation. I think the airstrike that the FNIX command center uses could be a bit more powerful, right now it kinda feels weak.

I love the new Soviet Hovercrafts too!

Great Job! And keep up the good work!

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Updates keep improving the game.
Machine loadouts are a bit more different now, which is great!
There is something no one said anything about yet.
Some base structures now have an inventory, and providing ammo can give them a boost.
I dont know the statistics in terms of damage or resilience, but this is quite fascinating :thinking:


You can now even set gates to a manual mode instead of auto-open.


Hi @Vati-544

Please write in English! I put your text into Google translate and got this:

“For this, the gates now take longer until they are completely open, which went much faster before, the developer could have written that into the update info that they are first set to manual.”

Is this a somewhat accurate translation?

I don’t understand now why it’s in German, I had copied it from google in English, how and why it’s in German again here is beyond my knowledge because the copy wasn’t translated the way I wrote it

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I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with this update; the game is still crashing and some of the minor issues after the last update still have not been addressed. I also would have liked to have seen an increase in the levels, the highest level is 31 and I’ve been at the for about a week now.

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Thank you for the update! We are enjoying it so far, finding things that were not there before. We have only managed to get one base to pop, is it a rare pop type of thing?

Love this game, really appreciating the updates!

It appears that the base assaults are very rare along with base defence. For now, only expect to get 1 if youre lucky.

Two issues I’ve noticed, aside from what’s already been reported here… #2 is a big one!

  1. Enemy density in the Forest region terribly low. Before the patch there were so many enemies in this region, which I absolutely loved, but now there are very few.

  2. Upon creating a new character, all Safe Houses were wiped off my map and most of the Challenges progress was wiped out too. This affected all my characters. Thank goodness I had a backup and so after restoring I only lost 2 or 3 hours of progress.

Platform: PC, Steam

Description: See above

Steps To Reproduce: Create a new character, be warned, have a backup of your save!

Images / Videos: I can create one if needed for the new character issue. Issue with enemy density can be witnessed in my April 9th stream VOD (ttv/techluddite).

Host or Client: Host, single player

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Win 11 21H2, i9-9900k, RTX 3090, 16GB DDR4 @ 3600Mhz, Samsung 970 Pro

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