Base Assault Update - Patch Notes

Our second patch for the year is here; say hello to the Base Assault Update! With this release, we’re introducing not only new features and exciting new narrative but also long sought-after improvements to the map and inventory.

Base Assault

As you might have seen in our Announcement Trailer, FNIX and the Machines have learned and evolved which has led us to the new mode, Base Assault. This is an exciting new addition to Generation Zero where players attack procedurally generated FNIX bases in the Forest Region!

Thanks to the groundbreaking new system that we have developed for this, each playthrough is unique, due to a large number of base layouts and challenges. The difficulty, size, and layout of each base can also evolve, like our Rivals, if players continue to increase the threat level in the region.

Not only are all assaults unique, but you will also face dangerous challenges and tricks from FNIX in each attack. This includes deadly turrets, mines, and FNIX reinforcements. Just like your own player-built base, these bases are fully destructible and if you’re clever enough you’ll use this to your advantage as you shoot your way to the various objectives and look for looting opportunities within.

If you manage to conquer one of the FNIX bases you’ll be rewarded with Command Tokens which you can use to convert conquered or neutral control point locations to the Resistance! Using Command Tokens will enable you to open up a whole new set of locations to build additional bases.

New bases you say? The Forest region now has seven new control point locations in addition to the original one that was added with the Resistance Update! As a player, you can build bases on any of these and have up to four bases active within the region. But be aware, these can be attacked by FNIX through base defense missions.

World Improvements

Our world revamps continue and this time we’ve been working with the renewal of the Marshlands to be more in line with the Soviet narrative that we’ve introduced with the Landfall Update. As with previous revamps, old locations have been updated to add more detail, variation, and narrative and in addition to this there are also several new exciting locations to discover as you explore the region.

New Side Missions

It’s finally time to find out where they came from! The Base Assault Update introduces two new side missions linked to the Matryoshka collectibles that we’ve introduced in the Landfall Update. But, there’s a twist; This time we’re seeing it from the eyes of the Resistance. Explore the Marshlands region to find out more!

Free Buildings Pack

This update is not all about Assault, even though that might be the fun part! To give your base some new flair we’re bringing you the free Soviet Buildings Pack. These can be used for any of your Forest region bases once they’ve been claimed by the Resistance.


  • Soviet Pillbox: Sturdy shooting position manned by a hidden fighter using an AI-76 assault rifle that fires automatically at any hostile unit that comes within its field of view.

  • Soviet Guardhouse: Tall shooting position made of concrete, steel, and sandbags.


  • Soviet Reinforced Wall: A tall wall made of concrete and steel features a shooting hatch that can be opened manually.

  • Soviet Reinforced Pylon: Tall pylon made of concrete and steel that is great for adding corners and end posts to high walls.

  • Soviet Reinforced Gate:Tall gate made of concrete and steel that can be opened manually or automatically.

  • Soviet Barrier: Low barricade made of steel and sandbags.

  • Soviet Barrier Pylon: Low concrete pylon that is great for adding corners and end posts to barricades.

  • Soviet Concrete Wall: Tall, thick, and sturdy concrete wall with barbed wire on top.

  • Soviet Concrete Pylon: Tall concrete pylon with barbed wire on top that’s great for adding corners and end posts to high walls.

  • Soviet Gate: A steel gate with beautiful emblems and can be opened manually or automatically.


  • Large Soviet Crate: A wooden crate used by Soviet forces to transport items.

UX Improvements

Inventory Sorting

You’ve asked for it, and here it is; Inventory Sorting. We’ve now added a number of filters and sorting methods for each section of the inventory. Now, you’ll be able, for example, to sort all your Primary Weapons by Alphabetical or Chronological order, Damage Output, Quality, etc., or filter them by Quality (good, worn, dilapidated, etc.) or Ammo Type, just to mention a few criteria. Make sure to try it out to find your own preferences!

Map Icon Filters

You can now filter icons of different categories on the map. Additionally, you can create your own custom filter to display only the icons you are interested in.


Animation, Art, & Audio

  • Fixed an issue where musical instruments would stick to a player character model and obstruct vision if they disconnected while jamming out with the musical emotes


  • Fixed a crash associated with the epic explosion at the end of the “Good News” mission in FNIX Rising
  • Fixed a crash associated with Ticks hang out in the stairwell in Stormyra Bunker


  • Fixed an issue where downed Seekers didn’t have loot
  • Fixed an issue where Runners with rocket launchers did not have loot
  • Fixed an issue where Repear Rivals on the map wouldn’t show in the world


  • Fixed an issue where players were blocked from their single player mission “Break of Dawn” if they previously searched the quest container in the police car during multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where starting the “Strength in Numbers” missions in multiplayer without finishing it would make it disappear in single player


  • Fixed an issue where the transporter truck textures in Klinthytta was missing
  • Fixed several visual glitches at Fort Torsberga; the culprit was a door which has now been removed
  • Fixed various terrain clipping into buildings around Östertörn
  • Fixed an issue where a collectibles were clipping through objects, they should now be placed correctly in a bunker
  • Fixed an issue where players could not collect the schematics in the Ramsboda location


  • Huge swarms of machines can cause performance issues
  • Some Hovercraft doors and walls lack collision
  • Wearing the Ecto-Scientist gloves can affect aiming down sights with the Experimental Shotgun
  • Dynamic resolution settings can cause visual issues when aiming with scopes
  • Måsskär Resistance Camp in the FNIX DLC will still be attacked after completing missions
  • Reload input is ignored when aiming down sights
  • Destroying the Lynx’s engine organs has no effect on movement speed
  • Players in a host’s game may not see field radios if they and the host have placed them
  • Hunters can become passive after downing the player
  • Machines can fall into the water
  • Players that picked up the mixtape Carl Vråla prior to Patch 17 will have their Collectable count at Averholm Manor reset to 0/1
  • Some players may be unable to join a friend’s game on Playstation after Patch 19 (RARE)

Great can’t wait to try it. :sunglasses:

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Yay, sorting :+1: finally I can clean up the weapon attachments in the Plundra.


Don’t forget to tell us what you think of it!


What about the safehouse disappearing issue? Its not in the patchnotes on fixed bugs or known bugs.

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How do you find these procedurally generated bases?

Inventory sorting: Excellent!
Well done!


It would have been great if you would have added the new clothes as regular part of the new update.
Just my opinion because I just got 2 pants and 6 glasses out of about 30 rivals. And these clothes (resistance fighter) would fit the base assault topic perfectly.

Explore the Forest region and you might stumble upon one of them!

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You still have 4 more days to find the missing pieces, otherwise it’ll be back for the next Anniversary Event!

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Will Soviet machines attack FNIX bases?


Great I will be trying my luck as soon as I get back from trip! Keep em coming !

looks great update loading now . Can’t wait

Soooo in the FNIX Base where the Hunters are made. You can get stuck in there, ask me how I know this. The doors say access denied. am I missing something?

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Hi. It seems that I’m not able to select the heart (favorites) icon at the map filtering options next to the icon of for example “safehouses”.
Solved: triangle

Additionally when showing everything and zooming out the map is completly overloaded (although there are still about 50 safehouses missing because they disappeared). Before the update icons on the map faded out when going to a more distant view.

Playing on PS5.


The filtering option is missing for the recycling station and the consumeable-crafting station.

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How do you know that? :smiley: If the door won’t open, maybe blow it open?


Thanks for reporting!

I will try that next time! I didn’t think the walls etc. were able to be damaged like that.

Just to make sure this will not escape the dev team attention: