Why I disagree with those who think Gen Z is a trash game

  1. Nature is just amazing
  2. Robot Animations are cool :grinning:
  3. Includes multiple themes (Stealth, Run N Gun, Hide N Seek, etc…)
  4. Is SUPER fun when you find a person to play with
  5. The missions are optional
  6. Has a lot of potential and I could see this game being really popular
  7. The game makes you look towards a goal (Getting a 5 star weapon)
  8. Because even though it might have a few bugs we should all know that a small team of devs out there are working their butts off to fix them


Couldn’t agree with you more :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback about the game!


The changes they have made make sharing and Team play less accessible, especially for endgamers who have no missions to do like myself. By making the Loot only spawn every 4 hour ( And it applies to container locations in other hosts Games ). This means I have to spend ridiculous amounts of time foraging resources before I can play Multiplayer and I am less likely to share because of this. They also decreased the damage of explosives on Tanks to the point that I burn through all my Propane Tanks just to kill 1 Tank and a lot of Ammo. I am having to spend a ridiculous amount of time gathering. These Devs are listening to the wrong Players suggestions and screwing up this Game. I can’t carry a bunch of alternative Weapons because of finite Inventory space. I’m really starting to think it’s intentional, I think they want the Player Base to leave so they don’t have to take care of so many Servers and they can keep making Money off of New Players ignorance.

I’m still getting stuck rezzing into Games with AFK Hosts over and over again as well as getting kicked because I don’t want to share ammo because of the 4 hour loot respawn. Oh and now there are more AFK hosts letting their character sit in one place so they can’t sit out the 4 hour respawn. lol The way this Game has been handled is sad


I don’t necessarily think people think the game is trash.
People think the studio (avalanche) is a dumpster fire.
1.Released a beta product at best as a finished product.
2. 3 months in and there still mission breaking bugs that a quick Google will tell you have been in the game since March.
3. Tutorials for stuff that’s not even in the game yet
4. They don’t fully test their updates, last update made the game not playable on 1/3 of the platforms, and it took them almost 4 days to fix it.
5, going on a month of every tool box being empty for PS4 and Xbox, still no fix.
Causing it to go from being semi fun to it being 3 hours or ammo farming for 30 mins of combat.

Let’s face it, 3 months after a full release and we’re still in a beta stage (can’t even complete the main storyline).
It could be a amazing game, if any other studio would have been doing it.
It was simply to large of a project for a smaller studio,that obviously don’t have the money for extensive testing of the game itself let alone the updates to fix it.


Very well written and well said!


No other studio thought of it! Give ‘em a break - de boys doin’ good.


Don’t go throwing insults to the dev team around, assuming that people think the same as you do. This game is nowhere near as incomplete as you claim it to be. It’s got some balance issues at the moment and there are a few bugs to iron out but claiming it’s in Beta stage is really overreacting.

The game was tested by volunteer beta testers before release, and just like pretty much every release of a game gone gold it’s expected to encounter a few hickups along the way. The team working on Generation Zero is small and devoted towards pushing their vision to us. They also commune with their playerbase on a weekly basis and even admit to players finding bugs within the game. They’ve even apologized on occasion.

When Half-Life was released, a rare bug caused all NPC’s to die at the start of the tram ride in the first chapter of the game, rendering it unplayable. That wasn’t fixed for a long time, but the game turned out to be one of the best games ever made anyway.

My point is, all game releases have bugs. Some can be quite bad. Sometimes the people working on the game need time to fix them. Avalanche are a lot better than quite a few devs out there when it comes to being transparent with their community and honest about their intentions with their game.

So please don’t go throwing blame around to the developer just because you’re upset with the status of a game that’s barely been out for a quarter of a year.