Why Is There No Hype?


I thought with the release date coming out I thought that the hype would be at maximum but yet no new posts on the forums and discord is pretty dead.


Well, the devs haven’t really been giving us a lot to go on. We just have to wait and see when the game releases. I mean, there is no second BETA and they are extremly cautious on what they are revealing. Maybe they will reveal a new machine or a new game mechanic soon? I have no idea, but Im still extremly hyped for this game. THIS BETTER NOT BE A TOTAL DISASTER LIKE BF5 OR FALLOUT 76! (A little warning to those devs who wont listen to the community in the future)


What fallout 76 a disaster :confused:


it was a disaster, trust me. Bethesda are just ignoring their community. Better hope that avalanche dont…


The dev team have been and are listening I can assure you guys, lots of people may not be active, I’m fairly certain there is a lot going on in the background, the dev team are working hard, keep hope and I also promise that GZ won’t be like BF5 or FO76 :wink:


And are you the crytical from discord


Yes haha, I certainly am


i suspected that you were


I hope they add the jam factory…

SYLT EMOT ROBOTAR (swedish, try translate it ;))


I don’t think they will, I doubt the map has changed much since the beta @thehive14


That made me cry a little… :’(


I am not pre ordering the game, although i liked the beta, to many studio’s hype a game and not deliver. I will buy it when it comes out as i like the concept but not before. And there is way to little news comming out towards the players. there was a huge hype towards the beta and after that nothing, zipp nada like trying to get a phone signal on mars


You’re clearly not partaking in any of the information that the devs have given out over the streams they’ve had since the BETA. You can even go catch up on those by going to the youtube channel over here.


No i have not, i have given my email to Avalanche Studios so they can keep me up to date through newsletters. I do not want to search myself if they might have posted something.
Marketing and CRM is my core job and although the game looks great and the forum is well moderated their communication with the beta group is as far as i can see very very poor.
And i have checked the youtube channel through your link and there have been 7 video’s since the beta, those video’s should also have been spread through newsletter and by a general message in the forum as a PM.
i visit the forum on regular basis and there is very little activity.
A good thing to get the hype going again is to open up the beta again for maybee a week so people can hype again, and then have a pre order discount in the game so people can play on as soon as its out.