Why is wood artificially scarce?

I can’t use the bow because I don’t have enough wood ever to support the ammo.

The small trees give 1 wood, while flares and fireworks break down for 2 wood, which makes no sense.

On top of that, 5 whole boxes of fireworks gives a whopping 0 wood despite 1 firework giving more wood than a small tree.

The trees also aren’t really any more plentiful in the forest area, so I’m left with farming for flares and individual fireworks to get wood while in the meantime I don’t need to farm for materials to make as many bullets or rockets that I want.

The solution that I propose: make the small trees give more wood when I pick them up, there’s no reason for them to only give 1. Make arrows cost less wood to make, and give less when recycling, that way the main source for wood is trees and not recycled arrows for everyone else not using the bow.


The devs added another ressource with the latest update.


These are great, but they should be in way more places considering I see many piles of wood that are not lootable in residential areas

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What if you craft ammo boxes?
I currently don’t know what they cost and how many arrows you get from them.

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can we just put one of these on one of the islands :flushed: abandoned of course, wood problem solved image

Träverket hehe, its what we here in sweden call it (my rural part anyway)