Why, when starting a new char!

Why, when starting a new char, do you start with nothing, and all the mission progress from my other char is carried over.
Does not give much replay ability, if you start a new char, and all the missions are complete.

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That is a issue,

Pc wise the only workaround around that is to save your current file and make a move it to Another map in documents,

Becuse you find your save file in Avalanche studios->gen zero->saves–>random steam number–>save file

Move that to a new map and call it something that you can remember it by,

I believe you have to delete your old characters before starting a new one.

Odd decision. It should, at least, be an option whether or not to keep the progress.

By the way im on XBOX, so cant easily save my save file.
And why even have 4 char slots if you just start over with nothing, and missions done. Makes no sense too me!

I had the same thought. Odds are most people would want to start from scratch, not pick up from where you left of with nothing to show for it.