Will FINX retake blue control point?

If I don’t build a base on the FINX base I destroyed, will they eventually be retaken an another FINX base be made on it?

Short: yes
Long: There are a total of 8 control points in forest region, 12 control points in farmlands and 7 in southcoast region (initially there were 4, but 3 more got added one update later, Idk If there even are 8 now).

In general you can claim up to the half in each region. 4 in forest region, 6 in farmlands and 4 in southcoast region (that’s why I’m wondering If an 8th came or will come).

FNIX can claim all neutral control points. If you destroy a FNIX base and don’t claim the control point, FNIX may claim it again if the region score rises. On the other hand, if you lose a built base during a base defense, it turns neutral, too.

Thank you again for the reply Madchaser. I am trying to do the daily events which is a salt a base only using machine guns etc and they are not working for me because for some reason I cannot get FINX basis to respond. I was under the impression I have to destroy regular machines enough to make them mad to spawn a base and I want to say I’ve destroyed a crap ton. I also then started to go around and destroy all of the elite people at spawns thinking that would help and it hasn’t. I changed my difficulty to adventure just so I could quickly destroy enemies to see if that would spawn a base, for instance if it required a certain amount to be destroyed and none of it is working. Any idea that I can try to make a base spawn?

Did you finish the building blocks mission yet?
I don’t know if it’s connected or if it’s just a prerequisite for being able to build an own base.

In general the FNIX bases spawn because of a specific value of the region score. I don’t know how much is needed.

But by doing base defenses or killing rivals you decrease the region score.

So killing tons of large machines (non-rivals) should be enough. And every region counts for its own score.

That makes sense. I will stop attacking those elite individuals and then hopefully the region will level up. Yes I have beaten that mission, I do have a base currently. It actually says right now that it’s pending being attacked. If I don’t ever go and start the attack will it eventually just overrun my base and destroy it? I guess that is what my fear is and that’s why I kept doing that defense every time it would pop up.

That would be great. A countdown (let’s say 2h in game) and then the first waves starts, no matter If you’re there or not.
That would give more sense to the bases.

But no, if you don’t start it, nothing happens.

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Okay thank you, guess ill just never do them unless I have a mission for it