Will make a great add-on to motorcycles 4 plundra

will make great add-on in game 4 motorcycyes to carry around the plundra :+1:

It will ruin the point for companions point.

I’d prefer not to have an motorcycle with an plundra.

Isn’t you’re companion like an plundra?

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It would have been handy before the runner came with extra storage. But like this statement,

No longer fits the game.

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realistic mode for generation zero, there are currently 3 difficulty modes, realistic mode could be 4, no fast-travel, your plundra is with you at all times, if your motorcycle is on the other side of the map, u have to walk there, etc, etc, etc

No fast travel is ok, but the rest…
What if the motorbike is destroyed?
400kg on a trailer for a motorbike? 100 would be more realistic. And our backpack (we’re just a teenager) should be reduced to 30kg in that case.

Still interesting, but surely not what you intended.

The game already has enough things that are unrealistic. It will completely change the game.

It’s a bit too much of difference from realistic difficulty compared with guerilla. You should make slight differences like as example.
The lower you’re health gets, the less damage you’ll take in adventure, skirmish and guerilla. But in realistic doesn’t do that. And there ya go you made it more difficult but not overboard.
Making players not being able to fast travel and other things you said it just makes people rage in that difficulty. They will just turn into guerilla difficulty for few minutes to fast travel somewhere.

You’re pretty much choosing to make a game realistic like tarkov. Just play tarkov if that’s what the gameplay you want.

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