Will PS4 get PC keys?

So i understand that there will be no beta for ps4 but will we at least be able to get keys for pc instead…i signed up long ago and i was really hoping to play

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That’s a good question, @Avalanche_Graham should be able to shed some light on this :slight_smile:

Hi! Please PM me with your registered email address and I\ll fix that for you.

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I am wondering if PS4 Pro is part of this ß , and if we will receive a description how/where to use the received key?

No PlayStation console will be in the beta due to the complexity of getting a beta onto a PlayStation console. DM Graham with your registered email and he will sort you out :slight_smile: @atomic

Thank you for the info.

I have a pc beta key if you want it

can i have it? :smiley: i rlly wanted one for a long time, but i always miss out the betas.

Beta is over so you’re no longer able to play, sorry!