Will PS5 get an UPDATE

So, as I said, I’ve jumped back into this game after years, I haven’t played it since launch, but I heard all the things that were added to the game and it sounded great.

However, I’m playing on PS5. It would be great to get a PS5 update, to make some of the textures higher resolution, and maybe get 60 FPS?

Some of the textures in this game look really lo-res, blurry….

I love to see this game, get more love, because it’s really turned into something quite special.

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All thats confirmed is for PS5 to get 60fps like Xbox got close to 2 years ago. A next gen update as a whole for both platforms has not been confirmed to my knowledge so i wouldnt expect a next gen update for a good while.


What doesn’t mean that they don’t can update some textures, models and effects in the meantime.

I’m quite sure that many aspects already have been worked at in the past years. Weapon textures, reflections, lighting, the vraken textures and models… that’s what I noticed which got improved from time to time.

But yes, I would wish to have other textures and models being improved, too. And the render-distance of course.