Will there be cars/vehicals in full release?


Will there be some sort of vehical in the full release. That would be amazing, becouse the game is in sweden and your a teenager so a car is a NEED especially a volvo.

I think many people would like this.

(I dont know if someone already asked this, at least i didnt find anything about cars /vehicals)


Hey MrJamaicaMam there was a pre-beta stream where they did mention there will be no drive-able vehicles inside of the base game. However now that there has been a beta this has been a heavily requested feature and the developers may change their mind, only the future will tell. :slight_smile:


I would like to have a car.


To be able to repair car and istall diffrent engines. To learn diffrent skills so that you can upgrade you car.

Thats what i have in my mind.


or maybe mopeds or bicycles in the 80s style will be great :blush:


Hack-able drones you can ride on? :o


I want to see the ability to strap a Tick to each foot, like creepy wheel-less roller-skates. :stuck_out_tongue:


No balls do it then (;