Will this game redeem itself or continue to patrinize the solo community

I enjoy this game i play solo sunk 40 hours in but now the game is litterally unplayable Alone due to the excessive nerf to Adrenaline to the point they are non existent within the game tanks harvesters have been suped up solo you have no chance to even take one down their range is rediculus game has become lets hide and not bother higher areas have now been cut off for solo players to Acess and survive or even have the chance to without multiplayer being shoved down our throats Adrenaline should only have been Altered in multiplayer now feels like multiplayer is forced without a choice will this game reedeem itself or sink and burn just like the rest have


How many treads do you intend to start on the exact same topic?
Every problem YOU have in the game has a work-around if you just read on this forum instead of spamming you opinions.
I play mostly solo and i think the game is almost too easy and while that is my opinion, I recognize that not every body has the same opinion as i do.
So please understand that not everyone has the same opinion as you. Have a nice day


Hello Hagelbocken, i Think your right and i have the same Opinion. :grinning:


I know what you mean, I always have to have at least one other person playing with me because I havent been able to find any adrenaline, at least the survivor perk mends it a little. However the game is meant to be a challenge, and you shouldnt just run in guns blazing. You want to engage from as far away as possible, unless you wanna use the OP gas tanks

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I bought this game the same day that the april patch came out, so i can’t speak to conditions prior to that point. What i do notice is that adrenaline shots aren’t in short supply, and i don’t have to do any drop/duping activity to find them. I haven’t really had the chance to play with other people so far, and haven’t progressed as far as most (I’d presume), but this game just doesn’t seem to be as difficult as you’re making it out to be. Now if we could just fix the vanishing ammo problem, that’d be nice. :slight_smile:

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Try restarting the Game with a new character and you will see what the OP is talking about. This Game has been made Trash for solo play.

You can’t pick up more then 3 shots before you don’t seem to get anymore and dropping the stack and looting an area only yields a small chance of getting more shots.

I’ve restarted twice since i purchased this, in order to see if i could correct problems, like vanishing ammo. I’m just not seeing the specific issue with shots as you are though (currently, i’m carrying 4 and had to use 3 this morning b/c i blundered into Hunter when i wasn’t really paying attention).

I get that it’s an issue, and it sucks for people it’s affecting. If i’m not seeing it, though, maybe there’s something that can prevent it from happening (as to what, i’m not sure and don’t know). I really think they should restrict shots, but not to the point where they’re impossible to find. I do hope they fix the issue relatively quickly.

Their seems to be a problem once you collect 4 no more ever spawn when looting any container dropping what i have seems to works as i do it near every backpack abd it has gurenteed me Atleast one Adrenaline

@Malthezar, you have no problem, you believe they have limited the number of adrenaline shots to 4, which you have 4 of. Plus you said you worked out how to get more than 4 by dropping before looting. So your still able to get a lot of adrenaline shots?

I play solo and find it challenging, I will use your method of dropping adrenaline shots prior to looting if it gets to hard.

Hope your complaining doesn’t highlight the work around you discovered to the developers :smirk:.

Running around with 40 adrenaline shots takes -all- the challenge out of the game. That’d be like having 40 lives in a game. Absolutely takes any form of danger or need for planning out of the game.

Grey harvester in a field surrounded by a tank? Just run up and throw a fuel cell down and shoot it, die and use an adrenaline shot. Repeat until everything is dead.

Whats the point in a game that is like that?


Whats the point of dictating how others are allowed to play a non PVP Game. Worry about how YOU play the Game.

Once again this 'Workaround" is not reliable or consistent as I have tested it. And in my Game once I pick up 3 I don’t get anymore. Dropping the stack you still have to search and drop and pick it back up and go to another area and drop it again maybe find another shot blah blah. I spent 2 hours doing this and the most I have been able to build up is 7 max since the Patch.

I figuered out the system somehow knows what you have in your inventory i was only ever able to find 4 shots after that they just never spawned so i started dropping them near bags before looting them and it tricked the game into thinking i had none at all so it spawned one sometimes in bags not sure if they will be able to fix that without giveing the entire loot system a complete overhaul and change to how the loot system as it is and managed to allways have a stack

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Hey Hagelbocken I understand that you’re frustrated however there is a way to do things. The Generation Zero community is built off respect and is a safe environment for people to post in. In the future if there is any issues please contact me and I’ll try help you work through them. Please help make this community awesome by just maintaining some respect. Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

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