Windows store play with Steam

Is it possible to play gen 0 from windows store with the steam version??
since both are on pc…

No, the crossplay is currently only Win 10, game pass and the MS store, with Xbox. The other options are being looked at.

if this is the case; i’d say for a method of doing such, do as minecraft bedrock edition did; and impliment xbox live into the mix with signing into an xbox live account will allow for ease of cross play- on the other hand playstation/sony might butt heads about this.

Crossplay between windows store and steam version is an actually good opportunity to give Avalance apex connect an actual reason to exist other than being a requirement for daily and weekly assignments.

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True cross-play would be great. I bought this game to play with friends who only have consoles. Unfortunately, I only read that the game was cross-play and bought the steam edition. I didn’t read till it was to late that I wasted my money.