Won't let me join friends games or them join mine

On xbox

can’t join friend’s game and they can’t join mine, once we try to join, it say joining game, connecting to host, wont join then says “Connection failed, failed to join session, or session is full” but the sessions isn’t full and we where able to play once together already after this happened and THEN it kicks the person who invited the other out of their own game. Every time.

Edit: I’m still having problems with joining friends games. It’s the same issue.

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Your bug report would get more attention if you would choose are more descriptive title (platform + gist). Also maybe try the forum search and see whether this has been reported before.

FWIW, on Steam/PC privacy settings can prevent multiplayer.

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And not to forget: please remove the "preformatted text tags" in all your reports. Those are meant for other purposes (code blocks, for example) and make your reports very ANNOYING to read.



True. But that’s a frequent copy/paste issue when picking the template up from the sticky thread.


This has been a problem for me too, as I play in PlayStation me and my friends have had the exact same thing happen to us. The weird part is that we’ve joined each other no problem before.

Nice necro… 3 years… damn. They need more infos about this problem. NAT-type, Model, etc.

You should create a new topic about that in the bug report section, as this topic will be closed as soon as a mod will see, that it is as old,I guess.

They’re right. @Bebop, create a new bug report about the issue and we’ll close this one down
since it’s very old.