Wood and Textile spawn in my inventory out of nowhere

Platform: PC

Description: From time to time Wood and Textile spawn in my inventory after interacting with loot containers, Plundra… or just walking close ro FNIX control points.

Steps To Reproduce: Loot or get close to a FNIX control point.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: i7 10700K, 32G RAM, RTX 3080

This is weird.
It just happened while running. It caught my attention right away, because I was not over encumbered, and suddenly:

I was running from Åsö safehouse to where I am at the map. Could someone try to recreate this?

I had this happen as well!

OK, I managed to record this happening by accident while trying to catch a vanishing and reappearing Tank in the act.
There is a sound, one of those that spam our eardrums from time to time:

This happens to me as well, but i couldn’t figure out when the resources appeared.

Easiest way to notice this is to have somewhere between 95 and 96kg of stuff in inventory (less if you don’t have both carrying capacity perks).

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This has happened to me repeatedly since the update. I’m often running close to max capacity which makes it easy to spot when my character just starts walking mid-sprint and I’m suddenly overweight.

Always wood and textiles.

Managed to catch a clip of this happening last night. I check the inventory, no crafting resources.

Four seconds later, sprinting disabled just as I engage a tank.

Check the inventory again… sure enough; wood and textiles.

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