Wood gathering and ideas to make it easier

To be honest wood is still scarce and hard to find for me but an idea I have is to maybe add more trees that you can actually get wood from

“I have an Idea! More!”
Sorry, that’s not really an idea for getting more wood.

You just have to look for them and harvest. More than now. You can also recycle arrows.

But I agree. In earlier days there often was wood in boxes or backpacks. There should be some more sources for wood, like palettes of wood, containers at harbours with wood inside,…

It is rather silly to ever need to farm wood or steel in this game. Ranks right up there with lockpicking while armed to the teeth with multiple options that would clearly be obvious no matter what time period or country you were in/from. Tbh EVERY single tree and bot should have at least 1 of these materials. They are made primarily from them. If we were being real the bots would endlessly supply steel. Almost the same for the forrest compared to what we can use the wood to construct. I agree with the OP on this one. If it wasn’t for arrows I’d spend a lot of time just hunting trees…in a forest :smile::smile:…kinda like looking for snow in Antarctica…:rofl:

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Of course you’re right.
But it’s just a game. And the focus on the game is fighting against the machines and finding out what happened.
So the ways how we get materials that we can use for (in general) optional features like base building and crafting should be as simple as possible, but of course somehow logical included.

The devs chosed one way for that. It’s not the only possible way (it was a bit different before they introduced the saplings) and it may be improved of course.

The way it is now is easier than the way before.
You now can directly see where to get wood and can pick them up by running by. You don’t have to search every box or backpack. But now you get less wood from each sapling.

It’s a bit of balancing, which is needed in my eyes. More outcome or more sources would be fine.
But it’s ok that we can’t pick EVERY tree. That would go into “survival game direction”…