Wood Shortage/Companion Bug

I am extremely confused on how to stock up on wood. ever since it was removed from loot containers ive been desperately trying to find wood. The “trees” in the woods only give 1 per tree which makes them worthless. Is there something that im missing? i would hope that it wasnt deliberate to almost remove wood from the game. Any help on how to get a steady supply of wood would be welcoming.

On the companion update, im having a horrible time with being able to use my comapion while playing multiplayer. When me and whoever has their companion out the game crashes about 5 mins into playing but doesnt happen when no one has their companion out. id love for the crashes to be fixed so we can reliably use our companions during multiplayer.

Both of these issues are on the Xbox Series X

Any input or fixes would be appreciated!

You can recycle flares and things for wood, also.

Run everywhere. Don’t ride bikes. Pick up every tree during game progression that you see. Adds up quickly.

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tress only give 1 wood. i need hundreds. i dont find flares often enough. they rlly screwed the game over by changing how wood works. plus im already in end game. flares and fireworks dont give enough

There are also some places with wood on the ground, every time you go there (after each login).
I always got some wood at Tylöveden homebase.

Find those places, make a note about them and then visit them each time you login.

To be true, I never realized that there is no wood in the loot of boxes/backpacks any more :sweat_smile:.
I don’t build bases often and I still have thousands of wood in the box.

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I pick up pieces here and there but after the first encounter with a machine and my pet’s armor just vaporized, I don’t go out of my way to craft anymore, and I try to keep my pet away from machines bigger than runners. Easier to just repair and move on.

that doesnt even relate to either of my issues

What I am saying is, don’t take your runner out every time the wind blows and get it’s armor taken off and the runner then gets destroyed. It keeps you from wasting wood on a delicate runner. And until the crashing issues is corrected it keeps you from crashing as much. Meanwhile, while waiting for the fix, run around without your runner out and get your wood piles bigger.

The arrows, someone stated, are a good source of wood, but you have to play with it for it to work and get more wood.