[Workaround] No machines spawned for Where The Sun Sets (FNIX Rising)

The new DLC was released less than an hr ago and upon playing the mission “Where the Sun Sets” I came across a part where I’m required to defeat 5 machines. The issue being, there is only 1 machine for me, meaning I can’t progress.

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Hello there @Isaac :wave:

This is a known issue listed in the patch notes and the workaround when this occurs is to restart your session (no need to restart the entire game).

Workaround for when machines do not spawn for “FNIX Rising” missions:

  1. Quit to main menu
  2. Continue
  3. Return to the location where the machines were supposed to spawn and they should spawn as intended

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

I have a similar problem on xbox on the mission when you find the hotel on himfall island and I killed three runners and my friend killed the fourth but it didn’t count his one and the game says 3/4 but the last one is already dead and I have tried restarting but no new runners spawn in for me to complete the mission

Hey @Help :wave:

Ah, I see. The restart session workaround has worked internally for “FNIX Fising” missions and issues with machines not spawning, however this workaround has not been attempted on “Alpine Unrest” missions. Sorry to hear it’s not working for you.

IF restarting the session doesn’t help the only workaround I can recommend at the moment is completing the mission in someone else’s session (having someone else who does not have this mission blocked be the host). This is not recommended but an alternative is also to delete your save and start over, but that isn’t ideal since there is no guarantee the issue will not occur again.

Have you written a bug report for this or added to an existing bug report (for that specific mission)? IF not please write a separate bug report and link it to me in a DM and I’ll make sure to forward it to the team so we can take a look at it.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting :pray:

I have been experience similar problems with several of the missions in FNIX Rising.

But not only machines not spawning also drop locations for items and explosives have been impossible to find. So it seems that you can break the story line fairly easily so that the game doesn’t trigger the next step properly.

And then I have also seen random spawning of Ticks, Runners and hunters just in front of me. Which are new experience playing GZ.