World mission unbearable lightness issue

Steps To Reproduce:** i have reset playstation and came back i pick the mote up from the corporal but nothing updates or changes it just keeps sayimg there is a waypoint there but unable to complete the mission

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: PlayStation 4

Players in your game: just me

I’m having the problem of not being able to even start the mission. I have turned on the power in the command bunker and when I go to the radio to grab the quest it still says no power

hey i am on PC with the june 25 2019 steam update i got the same problem I have turned on the power in the command bunker but no power on the radio so i can not get the mission :confused:

This is obviously still an issue in May 2020.
For me it was slightly different though:

I listened to the audio message inside the naval bunker, picked the letter from the dead soldier, but I didn’t read it immediately.
When I was going to read it inside the Skarven bunker five minutes later, the letter wasn’t in my log!
So I hiked my way back to the bunker, but the radio was gone, and the mission had disappeared from the Mission log… :roll_eyes: