Worldmission in Dyvik cant complete

Platform: XB1

Description: Mission „Together Strong“ („Gemeinsam stark“ in German) in Dyvik cant accomplished. We have Only one Enemy.
568.951, 2223.705

Steps To Reproduce: everytime we Login in the Game, restart, log in and log off, create new Charakter, Go on Otter Islands, still the same. BTW we dient find Anny Barcode for the Minken Mission aswell…

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Host or Client: Iam the Host, My Friends are Clients.

Players in your game: 1 Host, 1 Client sometimes a stranger Second one

I Hope someone can Help me :slight_smile: i dont like To Start the Game from the beginning

Yeah, it’s broken for everybody.

I See that others had finished more missions than i had. How can I geht other Missions to Go on in the Story (Worldmission)?
It stucks on These Missions, others are much further than I.

The mission strength in numbers in dyvik is broken for everyone. Some found a fix for it but others have not. To answer your question keep exploring and missions are found in other places. The game never directs you to only 1 spot. I found an extra mission beside the saltholmen church inside a house. And i have like 8 other missions i gotta do as well instead of just the dyvik one

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