Worth a read if on console


Rival Prep for Xbox & PS4

Im trying to get my rivals up to join u for the rival purge!


You added me on XBL yet?


Good to know! And also, anybody on Xbox 1 willing to trade a experimental AG4 with a gold extended magazine for a experimental KVM/59 with no mods? My username is the same as my username here


I’ll set you up a XKVM, but i’m just off to bed. Sort you out tomorrow, anything else you need let me know before I wake the mule


I would suggest ANYONE that is on console - take this time to start getting a team together. Over the weekend across the official FB page, and the PS4 / Xbox specific pages there has been an ongoing issue with experimental weapon drops.

The reality is - the drop rate is terrible, and not worth the risk or effort with current RNG. Use the remaining 13 days they have left to release it - to start putting the feelers out for other players, who are currently working on their rivals ready for the update. IF you can, get a party of 4…and a solid party of 4 that can be counted on. Ideally, similar time zones - help each other out, and get every region at max ( 10 Rivals, 9611 XP, Level 20 )

Your own total available is 64, so with a team of 4, all with fully maxed rivals on map - you’ll all get a go at over 250 rivals. (256 total )

General loot drops are also not true to the RNG, as after killing 6 Apoc Hunters, 1 Apoc Tank, and 1 Apoc Harvester in one hit - the rewards were compresed air, .243 soft point ammo, 44. hollow point, and SMG FMJ. Basically, nothing I have used in maybe 6 months so yeah…just wait, plan it…it will all be good soon.


Rival prep for what? For those that have not almost any good or Exp Weapon?
From my experience with weapons events or new drops, rivals that were already in the map before a new update, did not have the new “weapons”, so it´s possible that by gathering rivals on the map their weapon drops will have the RNG from before the update and won´t even have the new weapons.
Only someone who understands code or a dev can really know if i´m correct.
I hope i´m not for the sake of those who still have a poor armory.


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Max per region is 8, not 10.

Since there are 8 regions (including Himfjäll), max rivals per map anyone can have is 64. It doesn’t matter how many players are in the game, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Max anyone can have is still 64, not 256, since everyone will be playing in host’s game.


The improved experimental drop rate, the increase in loot overall, the 3 new different types of crafting materials, to increase your chances of getting the L4 Clothing schematics from L4 Rivals.

To clarify your concern about the RNG - I’ll clear something up that was confirmed by Paul on his live stream with Pontus. This very concern with "pre registered " rivals not dropping the updated RNG loot is false. Loot is generated at the point of searching the enemy, not when it spawned.

There is no set loot drop pre registered for machines, it happens when you search.

So yes you don’t have to set them up at all, but I’d rather have 64 waiting ready for the update ( as all 4 of us have ) so combined we have 256 L4 Rivals with improved drop rate to mop up.


I´m glad not all is bad then, it was only bad luck then.
Do you (or anyone playing GZ on PC) know how is the drop rate of L4 schematics and new crafting materials?


Ah @Aesyle covered the recommendations on drop for schematics. If anyone’s got stats on drop rate she will.


Actual drop rates are undisclosed information and all we can do, is to observe what others have gotten so far.

This isn’t true.

From rivals, you can get 3*, 4* and 5* schems. It isn’t where when rival is lvl3, you’ll get only 3* schems or when rival is lvl4, you get only 4* schems. Also, where the 5* schems would drop then? Since you can’t level up rivals to lvl5.

3*, 4* and 5* schems are RNG drop from rivals and aren’t char lvl locked like experimental weapons are. However, the higher the schem tier - the smaller the chance of it dropping (just like normal weapons are).

Above is also showcased in the forums, in here: Schematics - Lets talk about it

Let’s look what Samildannach has:
1* and 2* schems are specific spawn location, so those doesn’t count.
However, he/she also has: 4x 3* schems, 3x 4* schems and one 5* schem, showing the better tier schems having smaller drop ratio.

Of course, this is just one example and we can’t build credible statistics out of it. But at least, it gives some idea how higher tier schems have dropped.

Best source for those is recycling higher tier gear (3* and up) since new materials have been added to the resources you get from those items. For example:

6* - Adhesive: 10 Plastic: 20 Titanium: 5 Aluminium: 5 Tungsten: 3

4* - Adhesive: 5 Steel: 10 Titanium: 2
5* - Adhesive: 6 Steel: 11 Titanium: 3 Tungsten: 1
6* - Adhesive: 8 Steel: 16 Titanium: 4 Aluminium: 4 Tungsten: 2

Mag extensions;
2* - Adhesive: 2 Steel: 3
3* - Adhesive: 2 Steel: 4 Titanium: 1
4* - Adhesive: 2 Steel: 5 Aluminium: 1
5* - Adhesive: 4 Steel: 6 Titanium: 1 Tungsten: 1

Barrel extensions, compensators, choke;
1* - Steel: 2 Plastic: 2
2* - Adhesive: 1 Steel: 3 Plastic: 3
3* - Adhesive: 2 Steel: 4 Plastic: 4
4* - Adhesive: 3 Steel: 5 Plastic: 5 Titanium: 1
5* - Adhesive: 4 Steel: 6 Plastic: 6 Titanium: 1 Tungsten: 1

Red dot;
1* - Adhesive: 1 Rubber: 2
2* - Adhesive: 1 Rubber: 3
3* - Adhesive: 1 Rubber: 4
4* - Adhesive: 2 Rubber: 5 Aluminium: 1
5* - Adhesive: 3 Rubber: 6 Aluminium: 1 Tungsten: 1

And so forth.


Thank you for the info :wink: