Worth reinstalling in current state or not

sorry bad english

i heard the game now even haves problems with the sounds disappearing or is it fixed

last time i played it had those odd things like example
when you used your scope without zooming the bullets would go normal to crosshair and you could normally do over aim for the bullet drop compensation
but after you zoomed with the scope the bullets would go over the crosshair so you had to under aim like the bullets would shoot from the barrel like 1 degree up a little
another one was when aiming the scope with no zoom you had slow targeting movement but when you zoomed the scope the targeting movement was faster
and some other but meh

so anyway
is it the same or and at least stable already or needs more work ?
what do you guys think ?

sorry bad english

This would entirely depend on your platform. Xbox is currently in a state where a hotfix is needed due to the FNIx bases from base assault, PS and steam have it as well but not as serious as Xbox does, FNIX bases also lead to another serious problem for all platforms. Infinite Ticks causing crashes within around 30 secs of being near them.

Other issues like disappearing sounds are less common, or at least in my experience. Some issues i cant speak for due to never encountering them.

Conclusion: This is entirely your choice but if your Xbox, i wouldnt recommend after what ive seen posted about stability there.


Generation Zero doesn’t use servers, multi-player is P2P only. Please fact check before criticising the devs. And insulting them does not help.


I guess that is a question only you can really answer after playing.

What I can tell you is I had played Gen Z from day 1 on Xbox, put it down for a while, I have since bought it for PC and recently found a new love for the game and dlc’s, now regularly playing on both platforms and working my way to spawning my first reaper class mech, does it still have bugs and glitches? Yes. Are they game breaking? For some people yes they are. My only gripe so far has been Apex not connecting so I cannot earn tokens to claim control points.

But as I have said install it, play a while, make up your own mind.

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I’m a pretty new player and I’m enjoying the game as is.

I tried playing it yesterday morning on PS4 and it crashed within 5 minutes of gameplay

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