Would love to see new crafting stuff

Are we eventually going to see you crafting weapons and upgrading them instead of finding it laying around

What about other readers here? I don’t think it’s needed, but I would like to read other people’s opinion.

I think we have seen suggestions from GZ-lovers who would like to craft make-shift weapons from parts they can scavenge in the game-world. Might be something that survivors would do.


I honestly don’t understand what crafting is about right now… Outfits, gadgets, and base building? Is this it? Am I missing anything else?

What do you mean with “gadgets”?

There are a few health items, the ammo and upgrading clothes.

Basebuilding is no crafting in my eyes.

It will get interesting if there will be the other items, too (as teasered in the scematics menu)… But these are all items you can find in the world (except the experimentals), so it would be nice to see some new stuff (i. e combinations of some items like radio+mine or emp) in future.

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We could craft throwable sticky bombs, that’s been a thing long before the 80s. Craft gas masks that really work that have a time limit when exposed to GAS and would require refitting a new one. Making it a consumable instead of a fashion accessory. Trip wire EMP and gas tanks. Craft a bike with a mine so we ride it towards a machine, jump off and it blows up on impact. If you crash while on it you blow up! :rofl:


Talk to some more people that would want to see the same thing but make it better

I meant traps, explosives, radio and boomboxes, flares, etc.


Crafting weapons, maybe not in the skillset of 80s teenagers. Making flares, firework and grenades sticky, yeah, probably. :wink:


I think they could make it so that people can craft almost everything except for weapons and attachments, but they should not expand the crafting feature any further. I’m still in the “polish the project (game) and stop delivering new content” squad. :sweat_smile:

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Back in the 80s people still knew how to craft weapons

What do you mean with “hell” in your comment. I don’t understand.

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Maybe a typing error and he meant “how”?

Some casual 80s teenagers knew how to craft devastating weapons to fight invading machines?

Everyone wanted to be like MacGyver, but wasn’t :wink:


Ah, ofcourse. My bad.

I wasn’t trying to say hell it was supposed to say they knew how to craft stuff in the '80s yes I mint how didn’t catch it in time

Or what about sticky grenades that would be pretty cool

Think like a survivor in this situation sticky grenades and other bombs that we can build form scraps laying around