Would we ever see new experimental weapons?

Would we possibly see any new Experimental weapons? , I love using a wide variant of weapons in the game. I noticed when I got myself the US weapon pack and Russian Weapon Pack and I was kind of hoping they would have had a tier 6 Experimental level but they don’t , I love using a mass variant of weapons within the game to change up my game play style to keep the game interesting for myself. I love using many weapons especially the Ai-76, I am still new to the game Yes but I was actually disappointed when I found out only the Klaucke 7 , Hp5 , Kpist , Barret 50Cal , Pump action shotgun , kvm 59 lmg , Granatgevär m/49 , AG4 , I am actually really loving this game but would we ever within the future see many more Experimental weapons within the game?


I don’t know if you have used experimental ammo, this can really change your load out, it’s also fun to mess around with, I don’t know if there are any plans for more exp weapons , I have actually gone more towards not using them as I find they can be a bit OP ! :ok_hand:

Have fun

I do use experimental ammo once and a while but I do like to change up my weapons like I have stated before just to either make gameplay harder or just weird or just something just to waste off all this extra ammo I have lol

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  1. A year ago we got the exp. hammer so there is hope for more.
  2. All the exp. weapons so far has been used by the Swedish army IRL (not sure about the pump actually), so we can expect that KVM 89 is a possibility along with the AK5. The AI76 (ak-47) could be seen as kind of outdated and that’s why I don’t think it will make it into the game (even tho I believe Sweden did use it during a limited time).

AFAIK, AK series were among contenders for new standard issue assault rifle, but FNC (ak5) won in the end. FNC and Minimi (kvm89) were “recently adopted” if we look at time frame, while G3 (ak4) and MAG(kvm59) were around for a while. That’s the lore.

I’m terms of gameplay mechanics it’s hard to think up new unique feature for existing gun, when we have quite a roster of effects on already existing guns and ammo. Only hope is one of ammo effects would be attached to gun permanently, though there’s always option to stray further into “fairy guns” like shock-MAG, medical and electro-tether ammo.

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Even though I think it is possible for new experimentals it is still a lot of people that don’t like the concept overall. I heard through the grapevine that there were lots more of experimental ammo and meds in the resistance beta that didn’t make it into the game, so if we’re lucky we might get some more stuff next update. We can also keep in mind that early 2020 we got the exp KVM 59 and in November the same year we got exp sledgehammer, so I absolutely see a possibility of more experimental weapons.

Russian Rocket launcher is ok I managed to get 5 star one, as for the rest I recycled them as they don’t do a lot of damage.

give me ketonovac rifle expiermental please pvg needs a nerf… Game description silent gorilla warfare our choices matter… well i need more silence rifles… or Experimental traps :smiley:

If I understand the “lore” correct, the experimental weapons were developed by the same labs that developed the robots, the FNIX, whatever. It makes sense that they developed weapons in use by the Swedish military and less sense if they developed Soviet, US (NATO) or civilian weapons.
Perhaps introducing some more weapons that have been in use by the Swedish forces would be an option. Weapons such as the SAKO TRG-21 Sniper (7.62 ammo) or the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare sniper (again 7.62), the Lahti L-35 pistol (Pistol m/40 9 mm) or the Ksp m/94 LMG (7.62 ammo MG3 which I loved in Far Cry 5 and would make a very cool exp weapon I reckon). Apart from that there are very few guns worth adding to the game. There’s a .50 cal LMG but you would not operate that while carrying it.

Like to see a laser sights, but this could ale art the machine to your position. ?

expieremental gernade launcher is going to come out hoping its for the handgun slot because i use the Boomer build Emp grg w/ quick reload LG rockets its fun as all hell but the key is running in circles trying to group the robots together.

There isnt any confirmed EXP weapons for DLC guns coming, i dont believe they have any plans for any more EXP weapons to begin with. Also there is going to be a weapon wheel next update too so it doesnt matter if it was primary or secondary as you can have whatever you want in the 8 slots.