WR speedrun (1:58:05) Generation Zero


I got a new pb and WR in Generation Zero! You can watch the run here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDSUxoXB724 (sorry for the low quality, no idea why its low quality, I recorded in 1080p). I did practice runs and some failed runs on our twitch (twitch.tv/kyfaros) so any support there or on youtube would be greatly appreciated! I reckon I could narrow this time down to 1:45 as I lost 15 minutes from not getting the radio in “Over and Out” and missing one voice tape in “Empty Spaces” and having to go back and get them. I would love to see other people join in trying to run the game to push it to it’s limits so if you want my route or tips, feel free to ask here or on discord! Any major time save apart from not forgetting those items would be from a glitch discovered that lets you glitch into the bunkers which would save loads of time, but apart from that I doubt it will get lower than a 1:30.