"Wrench in the works" keycard gone


Platform: PC

Description: When I walked in to the office, all I could see was the PC and the snus, there was no keycard to be seen anywhere, spent about 15 minutes trying to google the issue to no avail, according to other videos on YouTube it was supposed to be under the snus, but not for me.

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown, Never had this issue before.

Images / Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9do4GpXlog

Host or Client: Singleplayer

Players in your game: Myself

Specifications: Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 780, Intel i7 4770K (3.50 GHz), 14 GB DDR3 Ram


Had the exact same issue, except my buddy grabbed the keycard before I did and now we can’t get in the bunker. This is the second main mission that has completely broke for my friend and I. Really hoping for a permanent solution to the main quests breaking


I had this happen today unfortunately and I can’t complete this quest.


Same problem. No keycard on desk. Got snus and memo though. Buggy buggy bug. :frowning:

Steps To Reproduce:
go in room where keycard is supposed to be. no keycard
Host or Client:
Players in your game:
two total