Wrong german description for hacking - it say biocular

Hi. First its not comftable to report here - you have linked in Steam discord and in discord in the bug room a forum link. A little bit time wasting or not.

Ok the problem are the german desciption in the skill tech tree with hacking. You write “… Erlaubt das ferngesteuerte Hacken mit dem Fernglas…” But “Fernglas” are an biocular ther are no other sense for “Fernglas”. I must first see YouTube Videos to find out there is a little - like an aroow what you throw per hand at a machine.

So all my skills are wasted, im a stealth sniper player - only because this description(translation are complete wrong.

Steam Version, PC, German Text

Have a good begin for 2024

You’re wrong and right.
The hacking dart is a DLC item.
The skill can be used with the binoculars.
Without crafting, any costs or what else. Just a small cool down.

@Madchaser is right. Hacking with the binoculars is totally doable and is the default way of using that skill. So don’t worry about choosing the wrong skillset.

The Hacking Dart is part of the Tactical Equipment Pack 2 DLC.

Thx for answering.
But how i can use the hack with beocular? There are no key in the key bindings or in the text down the monitor where normal all key option stand. I have not found out how and have searched over an houre in the internet and ingame. I have round about 15.000 plaing houres in pc gameing but i cant find out in generation zero how hacking work.

So how it works and maybe it should be more cleare in the game how it works. So a beter description, a option for the keybinding and a key tip would help wonder i think.

A second thing are, i have only found the emotion button (c - by me *) but i found no key for the emotion from my robodog friend (its in the mission i must let them do an emotion). I have try every single key on my german keyboard and found not keybinding on the option for this. So how can i trigger this? I cant close the mission without.

Thx and a happy new year.

Great game, looks fantastic - but the scaling with more player dont work, we dont get more robots or harder bots. So in Single game i have the same and it is a really nice, hard gameplay with many stealth gameplay, my heart goes and i become adrenalin. In multi its to easy (ofcourse we have the scaling option on), its more like an Shooter - much from the atmosphare from single game goes away because to easy. All run, no stealth its like we are rambo because the bots have no chance. (So if you have many dlc’s you have very strong weapons too). This as little feedback.
But it makes fun. Is a really very nice an huuuuge game.

Not sure. Almost never used it on Playstation.

For the emotes… You can assign the emotes on the emotes wheel in the menu in the emotes tab. (Where the map and inventory is, some more tabs to the right.)

Then you can select the emotes from the emotes wheel, or even by using a shortcut on pc, if that is possible.

For using Hacking with Binoculars i believe its press Q whilst looking at the machines in the Tech View mode. Its been a while since i checked it myself, but i recall it being Q as the keybinding

Thanks Indominus-J, this work now.

But I have test exact the same after i skilled. If it possible under a special fact that you first must reload the save for working? I haven’t not have the information down in the technic vision with “q”. I have no idear why now it is working and before not.
(But in multi we have figuared out something - one of us have had many Bugs with inventory, hecant move things and cant bring weapons on the wheel and glitched and other problems but after he restart the game the bugs are gone - so maybe the game have sometimes a problem with loading and refreshing or so) - So i think my “q” problem are also gone with reload game an save. Thank you for helping.

Thanks Madchaser,
Yes on the tab (“i” than emotions, than friend, than´reconfig the wheel) worked.
I have never thoud the “friend” have not her own cicle ^^. Ok. I will never use it but for the mission i must. I think how this work are realy not userfirendly. For me they should be a extra button in the wheer or something like this. It is not good explaned with the special “freind” emotion. So bring a button direct in the normal wheel would help people to understand ther are more option for this.

Thanks for helping @ll and have a good new year.
(Can closed as well done)

You’re welcome.

I agree that some things could be explained way better. On the other hand, many things came into the game later by updates and they have been explained in the patch notes and there should be entries in the log screen or are explained by new missions.

Everything else, that was one of the positive aspects of the game in my eyes, was self explaining or had to be found out by trying. I loved that. I don’t always want a helping hand that shows me how everything works and GZ really was very simple to learn.

But you’re right somehow.

The log, or a how-to could also be added to the games main menu. Then you could read how to play before you start playing…

Since the issue was resolved, I’m closing this report. Thanks everyone.


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