X Marks the spot, I guess

Found a random map with an X on it and decided to hunt it down. It took me to -3083 3597 to an Island in the Marshlands. At first I thought it wasn’t anything to hold my breath about but upon further exploration I found a little dig site with a couple ammo boxes a weapon crate and what I think was an Experimental Rocket Launcher laying in the hole. Noticed I had a second one after checking my inventory. but I am not entirely sure as I heard they only drop from rivals etc. Would like others to confirm this for me if possible. Thank you!


Explored the island at -3083 -3597 by the lighthouse. Found the dig site but only a 3 star Rocket Launcher. One of the bodies had a 3 star MP5 as well. Nothing else of note.


thank you kindly my friend

No prob. Glad to help!

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Where did you find that map, do you remember? And/or do you have a screenshot of it.
I found that place some time back, but just by exploring. I document all maps (I can find) in the “Beautiful hikes routes” and I don’t think I have this one with an X on it.


I’m not sure where I found the map now but I will work on trying to remember it. Sorry :sweat:


Not even a general area part? On a bilboard? In a house or a camp?
I found six maps after Landfall. But I probably did not visited all buildings again, to search for revampy stuff. Anyway it will turn up sometime. I now have a new search-goal. Thanks.


Very interesting topic.
I didn’t know that the maps indeed show a noticeable location.

We should make a list with screenshots of all of these maps.

Here’s a map from Mullvadsberget Tunnel:

It should point towards -4602 | 4229 or close by.
I’ll edit here, if I find something there.

Maybe it guides you to the large antenna there at -4611 | 4237.


There you can find the machine blueprint of apocalypse runners.

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Have a look here… And click Route 17.

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Oh, man, you were really buisy. :+1:

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next time am I will have a look for that, Thankyou

I am constantly documenting the things we find in the game world. Most are trivial things that are never needed, but I log a lot. Those trivial things I just keep in a file.

There were many maps with clues, that gamers could explore. To find this one map, can take a while, because you basically need to re-search everything. But maybe to community finds it and notes the location. Maps don’t disappear like schematics or collectables do.

The map was inside a tent and unfortunately thats all I remember because I was super tired when I found it :expressionless:

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But I guess it was a militairy tent, not one of those small camper tents?

small camper tent it was.

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In an effort to spark your memory and narrowing down the search area, another question. :smiley: Camper tents can be found in secluded (foresty) areas but also on roofs of apartment buildings, or in the gardens of houses, or near water ways or basins.

Edit: The community came through


wow cool, thats awesome!

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