XB1 30 things i'd like to see in game


Hello first post here. I’ve had the game for around 8 or so months at this point and i love it. But i have some ideas for content/features.
I’d like to see what the comunity thinks of my thoughts about what should be added to the game.

  1. Aim assist need a on/off option desperately

  2. Keyboard and mouse support for us on XB1 or PS4

  3. A option to change sensitivity for each kind if scope/sight. so what i mean is having sliders in the menu for (Iron sight sensitivity) (Red dot sight sensitivity) (1x-4x scope sight sensitivity) so on and so on for all the sights

  4. A “hold crouch to prone” feature Making you harder to spot in grass and bushes.

  5. High caliber rounds penetrating some objects like the .50BMG penetrating shipping crates or wood walls or the plastic ski guide fences on DLC island

  6. A grappling hook/repelling system to get up and down rocky cliffs. The way i picture it working is being able to wrap it around a tree or large rock and then slowly walking down the rock face.

  7. A hard to find ammo type for a new single shot very high damage i think the dev team could take inspiration from the PTRD-41 chambered in 14.5x114 or the old Lahti L-39 chambered in 20x138mmB. Making the ammo hard to get and only getting 1 round out of a ammo box at a time would give us a great situational heavy hitting rifle we could use to disable the legs of tanks or something. I think the PTRD would be a better choice as it only holds 1 round in the chamber with no magazine, Giving it a long reload and making it very loud. Given the size of the rifle and it’s ammo i think the rifle should take up 3 inventory slots and the ammo should be in stacks of 25 to 30

  8. A 7.62 cal sniper rifle like a Mosin Nagant M91/30 PU to balance the high capacity ammo staking of 7.62 (240 rounds per stack) Making the reload/bolt action a bit slower than the 12G shotguns reload/Pump action animations could balance it well. I’d like to see it with a suppressor but i’d understand if it could not be suppressed.

  9. A M1911 chambered in .45ACP Giving us a middle ground between 9mm speed and .44 Mag stopping power

  10. A desert eagle chambered in .50AE I love handguns and love using them in video games. But in this game a .32 ACP and 9mm feel a tad weak and i can’t find .44 FMJ to save my life.

  11. A 45-70 leaver action rifle and or a .45-70 revolver. The first 45-70 revolver i can find was in 1965 so it works with the games time period.

  12. A M1 Garand chambered in .30-06 Giving us a M1 would be great for us who only use semi-auto on our main weapon. It would need to hit pretty hard but given its 8 round clip i don’t think it would be OP in comparison to the other weapons.

  13. A M16A1 or other M16 chambered in 5.56 running in 3 round burst or semi-auto only and having the 20 round magazine with the under-barrel M203 so pressing the fire mode selector would swap to the M203.
    Could tie it in with a DLC/Update. Say you find a crashed US aircraft that came over to investigate reports of a civil war but got shot down by the machines. Could also bring the M1911 i suggested before in the same way.

  14. Some kind of remote explosive be it standard or IED or even a timed explosive device would be nice

  15. A crafting system to make things like IED’s or distraction tools

  16. A ammo press for making unique types of ammo could also be tied in with a crafting system

  17. Some kind of base building system where you would be able to set up a base of opperation with defenses the player can build and use. Like mounted heavy machine guns nichambered in .50BMG or 14.5MM and something like the Soltam K6 120mm mortar

  18. Speaking of motars. A smaller infantry mortar somewhere between 60mm and 88mm
    I see it being used by putting a flair/smoke round down range to see where the shot will land or bring bots to investigate the flair/smoke then drop a high explosive shell on them.

  19. A ghillie suite and ghillie wrap for sniper rifles that reduces your visibility while sitting still or crouch walking but increases the amount of noise you make while running and sprinting (Would be super efective with my NO.4 of being able to prone)

  20. A increase to storage box capacity to 150 or 200 alowing us to stock pile ammo for the base defence weapons i mentioned in NO.17

  21. Wire cutters. I hate fences.

  22. Thermite grenades or place able traps

  23. A low CC dirt bike only like 100cc to 125cc

  24. A Russian RPG that hits harder but is less accurate at long range

  25. More experimental weapons and clothing. Some ideas are Exp grenades that could act like a medium EMP or thermite. Exp 7.62 LMG that has a higher stagger chance that could be used to kind of stun lock hunters and below. Exp hunting rifle .270 or 7.62 that has a big buff to damage when undetected. Exp rocket launcher (Like the Russian RPG) that’s rockets behave like real life HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) rockets giving them less splash damage but more single target armor penetration and damage. A Exp PTRD with Explosive rounds or API (Armor Piercing Incendiary) The API would act like the Exp AG4 but with more armor piercing.

  26. Higher or no level cap.

  27. Respecing skills.

  28. A vaulting/climbing mechanic for getting over fences or over small low walls.

  29. Making 9mm SMG and 9mm handgun the same ammo type. My reason for this is because the AG4 (AK4/G3 In real life it is chambered in 7.62x51 NATO) and the AI-76 (Looks like a AK-74 chambered in 5.45x39 but we’ll assume it’s a AK-47 chambered in 7.62x39) are both 7.62 in game but in real life there is a difference between the cartridges in real life 7.62x51 AG4 and 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 for the AI-76 so the sub guns should use the same ammo as the 9mm handguns as 2 AR’s using diffrent ammo IRL use the same ammo in game.

  30. I’d like to see a vision module with a range finder in it as a replacement for one of the vision modes. So you could have night/thermal/Range finder but no Object penetrating vew or thermal/ OPV/ range finder but no Night vision. or any other combination.

Xbox one aim assist

I assume you are on Console?
I do not quite get why Aim Assist is a thing on consoles, feels a bit like cheating to me…?

Many asked for this.
Why not yet implemented, I do not know.

IMHO there’s nothing wrong with scope speeds.
But that is me.
All I am sad about for scopes is not being able to zero in on enemies.

Prone was in game in the early times, but got removed due to several issues with it…

Oh hell no.
Game already is extremely too easy: machine intelligence is in the negative amounts, aggro range nigh non-existing, players are far too OP.
This ammo type would bring things ever further out of balance…

Compared to pure damage output of the Moller and Klaucke, the .44 is heavily underpowered.
NOT speaking of DoT, but shot by shot comparison.

No, please, and for the above mentioned reason: balance.

Again: balance.

The “Thirty-aught-six” (SP?) is a 7.62×63mm round.
Where I could see the use if it was a bolt-action or single shot (or semi as asked), I can agree here.

For M16: mate, you already have a far superior weapon in your possession: the A5 or FN FNC.
For 7.62mm the A4 (HK G3).
M16 sucks badly compared to A5/A4, and you basically do not want much lower quality, do you?
As for burst fire then, I can agree there.

Tied both in one as these are basically one item:
And needed to upgrade weapons (barrel extension and scopes), ammo, …
I agree.

Issue here is, you travel around continuously.
You would need to put your base somewhat central, but as the game evolves that center would no longer be center as more land will be used.
On top: you have these in minor for: safe houses/bunkers.
Now, having the ability to alter these with interior choices then… I could agree with.

Yeah, you see me coming, right?
“Damn idiot and his balance!”

Over 4 characters you have 160 slots, on top comes the Plundra giving a total of 260 slots storage.
People already are too OP, increasing it further would simply bring balance even further off-scale

Soldiers tend to use fences.
We all need to live with it.

Overpowered explosion type.

I could agree if the danger that comes with this is CORRECTLY (read realistically) implemented.
Where a gun shot is louder, it is much harder to locate due to echo and reverb.
A constant noise (like engine) then, is VERY EASY to locate.
Basically, a motorized vehicle is pure suicide, especially when you know that Swedes seem to fuel their cars and such with nitroglycerine, thus one good hit… byebye player.



I can agree here.

Balance again.

Asked by a few, and I support this.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this seems useless if you do not have the capability to zero in weapons?


Yes i am on xbox1
The aim assist is far from cheating for this game i find it really hard to use because of how much it slows you down making it almost impossible to hit moving targets. Every game i own first thing i do is max sensitivity and turn off aim assist to prevent the issue above.

Having sensitivity settings for irno/red dot/ scopes would be great for us on console. For example the scope on the .50cal feels great it’s quickish and responsive however the scope on shotguns/AG4 and 5 and the hunting scopes feel really slow but that could be the aim assist

Sucks to hear that prone was buggy. I’d really like to see it.

Would a .50AE handgun be that op? Like yeah it would be powerful but i doubt it would compete with rifles and shotguns. I only ever really use the handguns for seekers runners and ticks so i don’t really see it as something that would mess with balance too much. If the .50AE is the problem they make desert eagles in .44 and a few other calibers but thinking about that it would just be a .44 revolver with 2 more shots.

I was mostly intrested in the M16 to have the M203 as it’s unique trate. Dealing around the same damage as the AG5 but less ammo in the mag and the M203 under barrel

On topic of weapon mods i’d like to see being able to make changes to the weapons internal systems. Think Ghost recon future soldier. Being able to increase fire rate but reduce accuracy but i don’t know how useful in this game.

Yeah actually you’re right on the base building.

Would the mortar be op? they are not super accurate and i’d think it uses a similar damage modle to the rocket launcher in game. Just a different way to approach combat verity is the spice of life after all

I know soldiers use fences. But we are scavengers trying to survive right? Would you really run in the front gate of a occupied military base full of killer robots or cut a hole in the fence and sneek in. I think this would be something more useful for newer players the rest of us have enough fire power don’t need it. I’d still use it i love the sneeking around part of games like this.

The increase to storage was mostly tied in to the base building like i said keeping a stockpile of stuff for defending the base. But we already went over how the base building probs wouldn’t fit the game.

I don’t think thermite world be to op it would have next to no splash and focus mostly on doing DoT to larger targets like the exp AG4 but lasting longer, You’d still need to land the grenade on a
components to do any real damage. But you could be right.

Yes i want a dirt bike to be a risk or even a way to get bots to follow in to a trap you or a friend have set up

Yeah the RPG is a bit much now. But as the bots get bigger and stronger it could be a useful counter to heavy armor.

Depending on what the Experimental effect is on any new weapon it could or could not be op.

If they made changes to the bots and or added new ones a higher lvl cap wouldn’t be too much of a problem

I wouldn’t say a range finder would be useless with out zero on scopes the game still has drop on rounds. However on the xbox the render range is not too far so if the range bots rendered in at was longer a range finder would be good. You’d need to know roughly how much drop at how many Meters. But as of right now it’s not needed at least on xbox.

Thinking about it i do think you’re right on the balancing of a lot of what i said but i think the devs could introduce more bots with different tactics and weaponry to make some of the stuff i suggested not OP even changing player health and health recovery could tip the scales in favor of the bots

Thank you for the feedback you did make re think some of what i said :slight_smile:


Well, a .50 revolver like the Taurus Raging Bull .50 for instance is capable of dropping an elephant bull in one shot, provided the shooter aimed well.
Still think it’s not OP?
It sure seems to me, sir.

Yes, I understand, though that underbarrel is one of the reasons I would prefer not to see it ingame.
This does affect balance a lot, I think?

Many already find the weapons in game a bit too inaccurate.
I do not, really, but that’s me…

Not by itself, but in the whole of the ‘arms race’ with the machines, yes.
See, we have 6 machine types, which compete with one another in lack of intellect.
Missile Runners are on the loosing hand, but the others are FAR ahead.
More weapons IMHO would increase the already lost imbalance?

Yes, but it also affect all the rest, not just the base… correct? :slight_smile:

Thermite reaches temperatures well over 4000 C, which would melt most components instantly (wires, tubes, battery, …) rendering the machines entirely dead within mere seconds.
Hence I am VERY worried about the use of such in GZ?

Problem is that it can be used against weak machines as well, thus breaking balance in many a situation.

Problem is that even base weapons ALREADY are darned powerful.
In itself not a bad thing, if the machines didn’t had the IQ of a sand grain…
So, no matter which power you add… game will be affected by it in a negative way?

Well, take in account that Skill Points and Level are woven in together.
If Avvey in the future would decide to add skill points (for whatever reason) then levels and Exp no longer can be used as a means to get the skill points.
Besides, what difference would it make if level 25’039’994’384 is the same as level 30 in effect?

Ah, I see, thank you for explaining.

As I see things: adding machines won’t solve the issue at all.
Using the same brick-brained machines in larger numbers won’t increase their intellect, it would be mere copies of a failed system.
I believe that if they fix the machine AI (faster reaction speed, strongly improved detection, much bigger aggro-range, use of tactics (dodge, cover)), and done properly, they will need to even remove a ton of armour points from all machines.
I firmly believe this should be fixed before any of the above is done.

I firmly believe that only 6 machine types (not CLASSES) is extremely weak, for any game.
Imagine playing FO with only 6 faces for all NPC’s?
Not to mention the lack in threat diversity.

Then again, I also firmly believe they should eradicate all problems before fixing the Machine AI or adding new machines, of course.
Bugs kill a game, this is common knowledge.
So this should be absolute priority, I think?

Thoughts, sir?

And thank you, you’re a nice person to talk to. :slight_smile:


Fair point on the .50AE Guess i’m thinking about how other games balance weapons like the desert eagle but GZ is not the same as a lot of other games so i do guess the .50AE might not work as much as i want a real heavy hitting handgun like a .50AE or a 45-70 lol

as for the M203 i dont really see it as being too op even passing up the 203 for a smaller diameter grenade launcher. So not as powerful as the hand grenade or rocket launcher and having a long reload it could be useful against dogs and ticks but less effective against hunters or tanks. That and having the ammo stack count low just 4 or less means you’d probs only carry a stack or 2 other wise you miss out on caring more .50 or 7.62 right it’s a game of trade offs and invintory managment. Then again it could be op depending on how they do it if you can carry loads of ammo so like stacks of 40 it would be broken op but having stacks or 4 i think it could work maybe.

Same here i find the weapons pretty easy to keep on target even on the controller. Then again i run Exp AG4 in semi auti 90% of the time. Guess the point of that was more of that verity being the spice of life thing

Yeah you’re right in the games state of balance right now i think a mortar could be a bit op but i still think maybe later on it could be a thing in the game

Yeah more storage could affect the rest of the game but i’m not sure how much. There items like ammo boxes and adrenaline shots that respawn every time you log in so would storing ammo and meds really affect that game that much if you can just save quit farm ammo and A shots?

Good point on thermite but i still don’t know how bad it would be. This is a game where plastic ski fences can stop .50AP from a full size rifle after all. While i am in favor of games being a tad more dare i say “Realistic” I think they could balance thermite to be in the game without breaking balance. In short it doesn’t need to be 100% true to life thermite.

You’re right but that’s the same as saying 87 landmines are too effective against ticks. Sure you could use the RPG against a seeker but if ammo scarcity was more of a issue for the higher power weapons you’d only ever want to use them on targets that you deem as a intimidate threat. Right?

Yeah i can see that and agree. The AI does need improvements before adding “Meta weapons” into the game.

On skills and levels. Yes and no if the cap was put up to say 35 you at end game would only have 35 skill points. You would get to a point where you have more levels and skill points than actual skills in the game. But if we look at games like borderlands they raise the lvl cap a little bit for DLC. For this game i think they’d need a full skill overhaul before before doing anything like raising the lvl cap

Thinking about it yeah they do need to change AI to be more of a challenge before adding too much.

Yes i agree fixing the AI then think about adding more bots with different tactics would be a real step in the right direction

Yeah the bugs do need to be worked out before adding anything new i guess this post was me trying to see the future of this game after the bugs and DLC. I’ve been pretty invested in the game and i can see i really fun game under the bugs. So yeah guess this post is what i want in a few years or more from this game you know what i mean?

Thank you. You’re nice to talk to too and very good at making me rethink things i’ve said to try make them fit into a later version of the game :slight_smile:

Also sorry if i’m not making much sense it’s too hot for me to sleep and it’s 5AM so i’m kind of out of it at the moment lol


So still have that dumb aim assist it needs to be removed it kills the game for me it pushes away from smaller robots it bounces around on hunters like it’s trying to target all the weak spots at once and trying to snipe after two or three shots it bounces way up it just gets annoying


The M203 Underbarrel Attachment is quite powerful, in this way that it has a fairly fast reload time, and in combination with the rifle active…
The M49’er has bigger ‘missiles’, sir, but a long reload time (unless they sped that up), somewhat balancing the m49 out (I do not use it, at all).
Note, somewhat, lol.
You are correct:

in THAT way, it could be the way around as well: actually balanced out.
If they implement this like a nicely balanced weapon, I could actually agree on this!
That is a good point, sir!

Seeing your comment from before: again, if implemented rightly… balanced out… heck i will support it. :slight_smile:

Also right.
I’ll adjust my opinion to your comment, sir. XD
Correct is correct, in the end. :slight_smile:

This one, I can’t agree with, sir…
4K C… 4000 degrees Celsius or centigrade, 7232 Fahrenheit, 4273 Kelvin…
That’s fairly warm, sir.
I think, it might even be a tad warm for coffee, not to mention for machine parts.
That one would just be… insane, dare I say, sir?

But that would destroy the very thing that makes thermite, no?
Merely thinking out loud here.

Wow… can you walk around with so many mines? XD
I used the LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon) back in my army days.
And that thing was darn destructive.
Logical, it was a tankbuster.
With the machines being stupidly dumb, the balance that does not exist would be compromised…?
Once this is fixed, if ever fixed, sir, I would like to change my opinion.
For now though, we players are already far too overpowering compared to machines.
To put it in a different example: We are piece by piece Rambo, taking on a toy train.
Well… hyperbole to make a point, but…

I do, sir.
Nice ideas, really.

Why thank you!!!
Much appreciated.

As you did to me, good sir.
I had to adjust a few opinions myself. :slight_smile:
But this is what is awesome, when people respect one another, and explain things well.

You made perfect sense, good sir.
Don’t worry.

Might I suggest to NOT remove it, but to add the option to disable it, sir?
Some actually might depend on this feature…