XB1 Co-op players repeatedly disconnected

My friends and I decided to give this game a try again recently and it seems like the same issue that caused us to stop playing is still very much a problem. We tried playing for about 90 minutes last night and couldn’t go more that 15 minutes without one of us getting booted from the game. Is there any impending foxes for this issue? We really like the game but it’s completely unplayable as it is.


I don’t know what’s going wrong with you.
It’s really working good since the release of the hotfix. At least on PS5.

How is your map looking like? Are there fnix bases? How many? Did you use shock ammo combined with the experimental kvm59?
In which region(s) did you play?

i also have happened but only specific people, from hosts not me.
(i also have xbox one)

I get the big ‘Disconnected’ message on screen. It says some features may be missing. It disappears and the game continues on. Playing on PC.

What’s your games version (title screen)?

We’re in the area around the Overby air field. I don’t think we saw any FNIX bases though given we haven’t played since the original launch, if I’m honest I’m not sure I’d recognize one if I saw it.

We haven’t played with any experimental guns and definitely no shock ammo. We’re likely going to try starting a new save to see if that fixes our issues.

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Power cycle your XB consoles.

V.2360951 on PC through Steam.

I thought you’re playing the xbox Version on pc, as the topic is about xb1.

Just saying the problem is on PC ver also. Thought it might help to know problem is on other platforms as well.

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