XB1 Game crashing with 4 players

Every time I load into a world and invite 3 friends to play the game crashes as soon as the 4th player enters the game.

Initially the 4th player fails to load in and the game crashes for them and kicks them back to the xbox home screen.

The game then freezes and crashes for the remaining players before crashing and kicking all players back to the xbox home screen.

This is on the xbox one.

All players have the base game and all DLC except fenix installed.

The game also has the latest updates.

We’ve tried inviting players one at a time, changed the order of people, tried inviting at different parts of the map but the result is the same.

Have also tried inviting from game and from an xbox party.

The game runs fine with 3 players, but as soon as the 4th comes in it crashes.

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