[XB1] locked in Minken bunker when starting game

First, I know I can fast travel out but I shouldn’t have to.

Yesterday before quitting I reached Minken Bunker, turned the power on, and destroy the robot in the hanger. Unlocked the Minken Bunker as a safe house and quit out thinking I would progress from there next game.

Unfortunately while I spawned in the Minken Bunker I am in the Warboard area but can’t open the second set of double doors.

I guess the power turned off. But my only option now is to fast travel quite a ways back and walk back to the bunker to reactivate it and clear it out as I have not fully explored it yet.

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I have had issues where completed bunkers have at some point decided that the power was not switched (and they have been fully populated again with enemy’s, radio messages and everything)

Bit annoying as the bunkers were fine for over a week and then just decided that they had never been visited (despite missions showing as completed.)

Even when they were “powered down” I could still fast travel to them

Bit irritating and I almost sopped playing the game a couple of days ago.

Had this same issue. Discovered that during a game if I died and spawned into the bunker the door was unlocked. I found a solution, if you start a game in the bunker and the door is locked fast travel to another safe house then back and the door will be open!

Powered down seems to be my issue. Having similar problem with Sorken Bunker.

That didn’t work for me which was annoying.

Spawned elsewhere and found that the power was on and all but that door would open, turning the power off and back on again didn’t work because it wouldn’t turn back on again :frowning:

In the end I quit the game played something else for the rest of the evening, received a prerelease update for the XBox and had a full reboot of the XBox.

Next time I went to the bunker the power was back on again and the doors were open.

A bit flaky, but it rectified itself (wonder if it brought the navel bunker back online, I will check again tonight.)