XB1 Multiplayer issue - friend unable to join multiplayer

HI Everyone, my friend has run into an issue all of a sudden that he cant join any multiplayer, no matter what we have done, we checked everything, xbox live, avalache login, invite, join as friend, reboot xbox everything and it times him out 24/7, doesnt effect him on any other game only this one, so any ideas what could cause this, due to his missing out on playing with us, and ive serached here and online for a solution and i cant find anything, need help on this one

thanks Guys


Hi @hellmatic :wave:

I’m thinking your friend might be experiencing this issue:

If you read through the reports there are the error messages and results the same as what your friend gets?

If that does not seem to be the issue could you please…

  • Provide a screenshot of the error message
  • Let me know if your friend can join random multiplayer sessions by matchmaking via “find game” in the multiplayer menu
  • Does the issue persist if you try switching roles? e.g. if your friend hosts and you join them, another friend hosts and you and your friend with the issue joins them, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

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also while i’m here any idea on when the xbox resistance update might be roughly?? does it also cover crafting of weapons and adrenaline and more? one thing i don’t know if it will help is if an enemy attacks a building while in combat the building takes damage, idk if that would be somthing i’m unsure just a random thought popped into my head haha thanks matey, anything i can do to assist anyone with any issue always here, but need more locations and maps to explore, with some new and improved enemies like the class range i mean thanks