[XB1/X} Obnoxiously Loud Derpy Sound Effects

Platform: XBS

Steps To Reproduce: Starts to happen around and inside buildings, read on …

Images / Videos: NA

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: XBX, 4K HDR HDTV w/ 8K HDMI

A few issues so far:

-Major/Minor issue: I had my volume on my soundbar set properly; Music, Voices and SFX WERE set to 50; all of sudden the SFX became obnoxiously loud around and inside buildings these SFX almost sounded DERPY and the volume level felt like 400% (IRL jump scare when they just pop).

-Next step: I dropped the SFX to 10, AND I still get the DERPY SFX. 1 shouldn’t play this game on mute or without the SFX, should they???

Derpy SFX to listen for: Door Swings, Lighting both overhead and fluorescent, Water swishes, Canister explosions, Gas leaks (possibly); when these happen they override your in-game sound settings.

I Love this game @ it’s inception and having HIGHER HOPES deeper in I go now!

Thanks Everyone and Devs for any and all insight you may have!!!