Xbox Another castle....doors do not unlock...stuck for goos

Game Broken - Please help me Devs

XBOX Problem

Cannot complete another castle mission, power switched on and red lights still red… cannot move forward in story.

Last night reinstalled the game

Updated all patches

Installed new DLC.

So that`s that…brought on day one… no point asking for a refund, but no other game i brought in 25+ years has forced me to stop playing… please why me whats the issues…

Do you want me to resave game and start again for a third time, spend weeks getting back to this location just to see it works ?

I have the same problem, but unfortunately have no explanation.

You cannot open the two locked doors inside the bunker no matter what you do. It’s really strange because the mission marker for the entrance just vanishes when you’re close to it. It also means I cannot advance through the story. I am also on Xbox one

You may need to get help from someone who has done this recently. I did this 1 year and 4 months ago, so I don’t remember the mission. But since it’s in a bunker, could it be that there’s a power switch you need to find in order to unlock the doors? A lot of the bunkers are big, and easy to get lost in, and I seem to remember that all bunkers needed to be powered up before you’re able to open the red steel doors inside them. I also seem to remember that these power switches were not marked by an objective indicators, but I’m not sure. A lot of changes to the interface has been made since I did these missions.

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Im pretty sure the mission isnt called “another castle” though

Same issue topics merged.


“Another Castle” takes place in Saltholmen Naval Base Bunker where you need to enter it, power it up and search for clues. So, it could very well be “Another Castle” mission.

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It is a rare bug but even with the generator turned on the doors do not open.

It definitely is, because it is at saltholmen bunker and it said find the entrance. When you find the entrance the marker just vanishes

It is the another castle mission

Huh for some reason that made me think of the ibeholmen castle mission sorry

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No worries mate! Everyone makes mistakes.