Xbox crash in base defense

Every time I would play a base defense mission the game (on multipleplayer) the ge would freeze and crash has anyone else noticed this

Hi @Yeetdogs!

Sad to hear that the base defense doesn’t seem to work for you, since this locks you out of the experimental ammo schematics…

Could you provide more information to the devs on the circumstances, like single/multi player, version of Xbox, version of the game (long number in the bottom right on the main menu), etc…

Does it happen directly when you start or “mid fight”? Is there differences between easy/medium/hard and/or adventure/skirmish/“monkey mode”?

The more information you can provide the more like it is that the “error“ can be understood by the devs, and a fix being implemented.

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It’s odd I start the mission and after the first wave my game has crashed and I tried medium and easy both crash I doubt it’s the console it’s self

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