Xbox crashing constantly

I love this game but I can’t play without it crashing at least 5 times every time I go near a really big robot or every 5-20 it crashes I’m on a Xbox one s but my buddy has series x and it’s happening to him as well every one I know that plays this game on Xbox crashes

I play on XboxSX and I have not crashed at any point for about 18 months so I don’t think it’s an Xbox problem.
It will no doubt be connected to multiplayer as everything is in this game. I always play solo hence no crashing.

Maybe, but there truely is a small difference between XSX and XOne S.

Of course, multiplayer may be a reason, but others don’t have any crashes despite they play multiplayer, while others, who just play singleplayer, may have crashes, too.

I think there are multiple possible reasons.
Free memory / RAM / VRAM and accessible cpu/gpu power on the system, used drive for installation (internal ssd/hdd, external ssd/hdd connected with usb2/3) just could be a few.