Xbox Dashboarding and Multiplayer Crashing Post Runner

Wanted to share my methods on this as Ive found a way (on xbox X anyway) to substantially lessen this from happening. Please move this to another topic or somewhere it belongs if need be…

So never knowing when a game update is going to occur and make things change, unlike CoD or something that is practically a daily update (I’ve since deleted CoD anyway just saying) I turned my automatic updates and keep “XBOX up to date off”. So when I go to click a game and an update is available it will prompt me to update. I run the update and then delete GZ and all attachment dlc. Retaining just the save file for the profile. Then Select the game and all DLC again and select install selected. (** if you do not download the dlc with the game and then load your saved game, all your dlc weapons no matter the ***** are gone if in your weapons wheel and quite possibly the Plundra**). I’m not sure but it seems to me that updates for this game must be in some form or fashion “fragmenting” the game files. Its just routine that I’ve been doing this. Also I take the companion out of my wheel and person inventory and stow in the Plundra before opening or joining a MP session. I essentially use the Companion now for nights when no friends are on to team up with and were all in the same agreeance on that. To my knowledge though I am the only one who deletes and reinstalls the game with each new patch that comes out, in the group of people I play with. And I do not play GZ with rando’s. Hope this helps anyone reading it or stil having the issues. Seems to have helped me anyway even though a pain in the butt. Still hands down has to be my favorite game even though it’s kind of time consuming to do this way.


This is the same process I follow as well. I do this for all games just in case any of them behaved strangely.

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