Xbox edition crashes during a mission

There’s a bug that I’ve noticed with the DLC mission ‘The Resistance’.

Every time I attempt to complete the mission, the game crashes at random, making it near impossible for a player on the Xbox One S.

Even if you kill the hunters or tanks first it still tends to crash.

I’ve noticed that there are some areas that have a higher than average spawning rate that can cause some issues with crashing. This is especially bad around areas where the Swedish and Russian bots clash. The second that the heavy rocket bombardments start, I see the FPS drop through the floor.

If this is what is causing the issue, the only thing you can do is try to snipe out the heavy hitters before you get too close, otherwise it will continue to crash.

Also, you will want to include the details on which xbox you are playing on. At this point there are more than a handful of generations and models, so you’ll want to include that for the devs.